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\'Happy Go Stronger\' lecturer

Dec 16, 2015 by Darren
Course: Kaplan Marketing Management • 
Intake: 25 

To start off with this testimonial of cus it\'s to say the BEST lecturer so far in my course is Mr Jason. The way that he interacted with the class was so much fun. Mr Jason is a lecturer full of positive vibe and can influence everyone of us to be happy in his lessons. He used his knowledge from his strongerhead philosophy and utilized lot of different jokes just to bring up the dead atmosphere of the class, which at the end made most of us paid attention. You once said that you\'re introvert type of person, but your \"happy go stronger\" attitude really reflected at extrovert type of character. Lastly, thank for sharing your past experience with us and me (one on one). If i got a chance to choose the next lecturer for next term and that will definitely be you.

Super lastly, why our class photos listed under Mass Comms intakes 25? Hahaha! Cheers!

Response: You are definitely Stronger than me many times over Darren. You have good wits and sharp in many ways too. I believe if you can stay consistently this good, you can already go many places and reach many goals. Proof me right and see you at the top.

Entertaining Lessons you'll ever have

Dec 16, 2015 by Channel Woo
Course: Hospitality and Tourism • 
Intake: 25 

Throughout my academic life, I don't think I've been this excited to attend any classes but it was totally different for Mr Jason's class. He's very good in capturing attention, making the lesson lively and provide many engaging contents (not saying about Internet marketing) Due to his bubbly character, he's deem as approachable and indeed he is. You can approach this lecturer and he will have the knowledge to solve your doubts though he may seem as unserious. Thanks for being such a great lecturer, Mr Jason!

Response: I am glad to have you and your team being very supportive in class. It has been a motivation for me to keep trying harder to keep my lessons going !!! thank you so much Channel @\\/@


Dec 16, 2015 by Lynn Ngai
Course: Business Admin • 
Intake: UCD BBS MKT 22 

I'm never a morning person. For once, morning lecture is no longer torturous for me. All thanks to Mr Jason! Clap clap!* Mr Jason made all lectures seem more interesting and thumbs up to his ultra high energy level. Sometimes I wonder to myself "why the heck is his energy level always so high?" You made me look forward to classes. Kaplan lecturers should totally learn from you man! Thank you Mr Jason for turning my mundane school life into a much better one. Keep up your good work and continue to inspire others (:

Response: It is with students like yourself that managed to get me so excited and keeping my energy sky high in class. Your class Co-Producing efforts made the class so fun and interesting. Thumbs up to you all too and i am glad to have taught your class before.

Coffees are unnecessary in Jason's class

Dec 16, 2015 by Eugene Wang
Intake: UCD BBS MKT 22 

As all the classes in my module that Mr Jason is teaching are all morning class, we bound to drink coffee to keep ourself awake right? But Mr Jason is such an interesting and energetic guy that i am asking myself whether am i older than him? On serious note, his aura/ energy is contagious. It helps everyone in the class to be so full of energy. He is one of the best lecturer and best learning experience that I had. Thank you Mr Jason!

Best lecturer ever!

Dec 15, 2015 by Athena
Intake: 22 

Best lecturer ever!
You're never get bored in his class! You will laugh all the way and always be happy in his class! Most importantly, his teaching techniques really inject smoothly all the knowledge that students need to have for their modules! Thumbs up!

Best ! Please teach us again!

Dec 14, 2015 by Justin
Course: Kaplan HTM • 
Intake: 25 

Hi Mr.Jason, tomorrow (15 Dec 2015) is Marketing Exam already and honestly although the majority of the class is probably rude to you, there are some of us who truly appreciate you man. Like no joke, we appreciate you legitimately and we respect you because despite us being disrespectful, you never gave up on us haha! Especially your PRE-XMAS Present (the project guide).
Thank you so much for teaching us. One hell of a lecturer and speaker.

You said you are low in EQ so most of the time you have no one to eat with during lunch. Are you sure Mr Jason? Haha. Because you are damn good at capturing attention and making learning interesting.

Thank you once again. Haha. If you do not know me, I\'m one of the guys in Adidas X15.1 HTM 25. Go pursue your dreams! You can do it. Mr Jason, all the best to your dream of becoming a public speaker. You are damn good in it I also wonder how. When my group, Adidas X15.1 tried to present, haha we were trying to be as good as you and as interesting as you when you are teaching.

To your future students, they\'re going to meet an awesome and inspiring lecturer/teacher/speaker.

Best lecturer !

Dec 12, 2015 by Han tong
Course: Mass com. M • 
Intake: 27 

Mr Jason always made the class very interesting and fun ,attending his class is ever boring! Thank you so much for sharing with us different stories just to let us understand better ! Thank you so much teacher !

Keep Up the Positive Vibe & Humour

Dec 12, 2015 by Vivi Yap
Course: Mass Communication • 
Intake: DipMComm27 

Mr Jason is the best lecturer in Kaplan by far. I've enjoyed the lessons, he's really humorous. I believe that every student will feel the same if he keep up with the positive vibe and humor. Thank you Mr Jason for teaching us in the most interesting way and may your next class be better than ours LOL! ^^

Inspiring Lecturer

Dec 08, 2015 by Yong Long
Course: FT DipComMM Marketing Principle • 
Intake: 25 

Never imagine having an interesting lecturer like Jason! Most of the lecturers that have taught us only read through the study guide. But not with StrongerHead ! Jason would research on some interesting examples to help us better understand some of the more complex topics. Sometime even share his life experience to let us get a clearer picture on how the theories can be applicable to our daily lives, His undying humor also helped to ease the tension in class, creating a more down to earth and friendly classroom environment. Whenever we\'re having doubt or trouble with some topics, he would make sure all of us fully understand it before moving on to the next topic. Amazing to know such great lecturer around ! Thank you. Although you had only taught us for a short period of time, but we sure have had a great time! Cya in school or best teach us all our remaining module !

Extraordinary Lecturer

Nov 26, 2015 by Jean Yew
Course: PT NTB BABM / M&C • 
Intake: 7 

Jason has never failed to impart his Marketing knowledge to us whenever we attend his lectures. He can always help us to understand the lectures in a simpler manner which ultimately assisted us to comprehend the whole module eventually. Besides, he has a great sense of humour and will never allow any of his students feel bored during his lectures. Thank you Jason, for guiding us and engaging us in your lectures. Hope to see you again in school soon whether you are still our lecturer in other modules. šŸ™‚

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 377 377 Many thanks to you Jason! Thank you for being soooo kind and dedicated at all the time. I'm always excited and look forward to attend the class, this is because I'm sure that I'm g

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