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Jun 10, 2017 by Steven Tan
Course: FTDipComMM • 
Intake: 34 

Marcom is always the lesson I'm looking forward to. Jason's teaching is fantastic and lessons are very entertaining. His explanations are simple and he show us lots of example to make sure we understand what he is teaching. When he knows that I own a F&B business, he recommended a book to me and says it's helpful for my business. Overall he is a great lecturer and a mentor. If there is any chance he hold any workshop or seminars in future I will surely attend. Thanks for imparting so much knowledge about Marcom to me.

Jun 05, 2017 by Ili Aw
Course: Bachelor of Business Studies in Marketing • 
Intake: UCDBBS25 

The experience attending Mr Jason lesson was a positive one. He creates an interactive session, presenting his knowledge well and he's very engaged with the class.

The lesson structure was clearly explained at the start of the lesson, with the theories and concepts were address clearly, which makes studying more easier to understand.

Thank you Mr Jason for the lesson!

Funny lecturer

May 01, 2017 by Si Ying
Course: Markets and customer • 
Intake: FT NTB BAIM 8 

Hello Mr Jason! Your lesson are fun and easy to understand. Lesson are taught in mindmap format which highlight the main point for each topic. The examples given also help us to understand the concept for each topic better. šŸ™‚

Apr 30, 2017 by Aditya Marin Gasga

The way Jason teaches, with jokes, videos and a lot of real life examples, help remember a lot of theories, and textbook content. He's easy to approach and will answer and questions or doubts a student has!

Thanks for the amazing lessons!

Apr 28, 2017 by Tham Shi Qin
Course: Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in International Hospitality & Tourism Management • 
Intake: FT BAIHTM 8 

The lessons Jason conducted were very fun and Marketing concepts were delivered effectively. I learnt a lot from his classes. He shared knowledge that I find insightful to my future career goals and just about anything you want to endeavour in. It is the only module I look forward to attending. Excellent!

Apr 27, 2017 by Anna Lu
Course: Markets and Customers • 
Intake: FTNTBBAIM 8 

Jason has a great sense of humour. His lively personality engages his students and makes his lessons very entertaining. He also summarizes the topics to help his students in the understanding of the module. Thank you for teaching us!

Apr 26, 2017 by Christina Lim

Thank you Jason for being our lecturer who have never failed to make the class go HAHAHAHA !!! Thank for your guidance and had also provided us useful materials for our exam šŸ™‚

Neverthless, we have all enjoyed your lesson and hope to see you soon šŸ™‚

Marketing guru

Apr 26, 2017 by Jamuna
Course: PT NTB BABM • 
Intake: 10 

Anyone can be teach but only a good lecturer with proper knowledge can bring lessons to life.. In our market & customers module you sure brought the lessons to life. Never a time would i miss your lecturers as its so fun n entertaining. Most importantly i understood what you taught us and was able to digest the subject easily.. Thks for teaching.. šŸ™‚

Apr 26, 2017 by Nicole
Course: NTB BA Biz Mgmt • 
Intake: 10 

Great lecturer who made use of real life examples to help the class in understanding complicated theories. Extra effort has also been put in by him; the light-hearted jokes definitely helped in making the lessons less boring for everyone who came after work. Thank you so much! We appreciate all that you've put in šŸ™‚

Apr 26, 2017 by Julia Florensia
Course: M&C • 

Very fun and enjoyable class with Mr Jason! Learning materials are being explained in mind maps for us to understand it more easily. Always have a way of getting the class to pay attention to his lecture and the class is always full of laughter.
Thank you for the guidance and help teacher!!!

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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