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AWESOMEST Teacher in Kaplan

Aug 15, 2015 by Darr Syaah
Course: Event Management • 
Intake: FTDipEM3 

Thank you for being the most awesomest teacher in kaplan! & sorry for always being late for your class yet so understanding towards your students. May god bless you & see you around in school! šŸ™‚

You Are Engaging

Aug 15, 2015 by Shanie Tan
Course: Event Management • 
Intake: FTDipEM3 

As a person whom I always lose interest in certain areas easily especially studying.. I frequently don\'t enjoy my lectures. But when mrjason first started lecturing, the first thing he did with us was to plan forward what we would be studying for every single lesson and it makes me feel more engaged and able to look forward to the next lesson knowing what I would be studying next. even though I have got to cope with my work as a tattoo artist and also attend lectures, I never fail to fall asleep in his class due to his humourity and how well he engages us and guides us slowly making us understand each section clearly, unlike the previous lectures I faced that only read the page and go on to the next page .... I can read it myself too? so Mr Jason is indeed one of the most patient & experienced lecturer
Thank you ,

Thank you Mr Jason!!!!!

Aug 14, 2015 by Jona
Course: Events management • 
Intake: 3 

Mr Jason is a super fun and engaging lecturer!! He makes sure that we all understand what is going on during lectures and most importantly have fun while learning by showing us videos and playing games. Thank you for helping our group improve in our presentation and group report by giving valuable feedback and going through all the important points to make sure we fully understand!! And thank you for making each lesson so memorable with your lame jokes and antics HAHA and most importantly for making this marketing module so enjoyable!!! You're the best!! šŸ™‚

Awesomely Splendid Lecturer

Aug 13, 2015 by Joven Ng
Course: Event Management • 
Intake: 03 

Awesome lectures, never once felt bored nor had my mind wonder off in Mr. Jason's class. Very effective with his diagrams/mindmaps, helps us understand things easily, a walking human textbook!! Hilarious and also professional, someone who definitely seems to enjoy what he is doing(which must be the fact). Because of him, my views of marketing have changed and is so much more interested in it now. Power laaaa.

Thank you, Mr. Jason!

May 05, 2015 by Michelle Cavall Chowey

I personally wanted to say thank you to Mr. Jason for his guidance when i was his student. Because of what he taught me, I am now a fresh graduate working in Ritz-Carlton. Thank you so much, Mr. Jason! You will forever be my favorite lecturer!

Absolutely brilliant lecturer - Jason Tan

Apr 15, 2015 by Eileen
Course: Marketing Principles • 
Intake: BCOM26 

Professional, experienced and humorous lecturer, Mr Jason Tan is not just the average lecturer who teaches from the textbook! He definitely knows what he is doing, how to impart his knowledge to the crowd, sharing experiences and bringing alive lecture sessions with discussion on current market Marketing Commercial practices.

I am a HR Manager and taking up the Marketing Principles was one module I need to accomplish. Mr Jason Tan definitely is one who can bring his lessons 'alive'!

Real-World Applicable lectures by Jason Tan

Mar 09, 2015 by Soe Hein Kyaw
Course: Marketing Communications • 
Intake: PTDipMM10 

It was really fortunate to be a student of Mr Jason Tan in Marketing Communication Skill. He delivered Integrated Marketing Communication Tools in clear, precise and real-world applicable manner. I was very impressed by his knowledge, kind personality and cheerful lectures. In fact, I have gained insight of Marketing Communication Tools, how to use them and mix them to achieve maximum impact on product launch. My special thanks go to him for sharing his knowledge to me and salute his attributes and devotions to students in his training rooms.

An awesome lecturer

Mar 06, 2015 by Serene Ong
Course: Marketing communications • 
Intake: PTDIPMM10 

As a Malaysian, graduate from O-level about 10 yrs ago, after that taking a part time diploma course in SG is a tough decision to me. I was wondering would i be able to successfully complete the dip or not when i started my 1st or 2nd semester. Even until the 4th module, i was still having doubts. Thank god, all my anxiety and depression got resolved as soon as i met my marcomm module lecturer, Mr Jason Tan!!! I can still remember the 1st day i met Mr. Jason in the class, he looks like a gentle yet taciturn person, and i thought that he was our new students. Turns out, he is our lecturer?!! Haha..i will never forget that day. Mr. Jason is a special person and the most awesome lecturer that i ever met. In terms of teaching, he is more on sharing his personal experiences and able to let me to applied immediately in all walks of life. Jason has never fail to delight the class with his sense of humour and his knowledge, his teaching makes me enjoy his classes always. I really feel that going back to study and upgrade urself is not an issue no matter how old u are. I\'m so lucky to be 1 of Jason\'s students of.

Thank you so much Jason!! U are fantastic n awesome. U had made my SG studying journey an inspiring and encouraged one. All the best to u n will miss u, don\'t worried!! Hope to see you again !! Good luck man!! Fighting āœŠ

Mar 06, 2015 by Nixon Tan
Course: PTDipMM • 
Intake: 10 

Hi sir, it is a great pleasure to become your student even for just 2 months. I have learn awesome knowledge from you & enjoy every part of your lesson. ā˜ŗ I hereby wish the new part of your career will be better than ever. šŸ™‚ hope to see you in the teaching industry when I start on my degree

To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible !

Feb 21, 2015 by Ting Ting
Course: PTDipCommMM • 
Intake: 10 

After going through my first class, marketing principle in term 3, i actually wondered to myself "seriously, i think i chosen the wrong course", until when i started my first marketing communication class with Mr Jason, i felt so in love not only by the way he conduct his lesson but also with marketing.

I remembered when he entered the classroom during our first class, i turned to my best buddy beside me and whispered "see.. new student again, but wahh.. why is he placing his army bag in the lecturer sit?" . Thank god i whispered as the army boy that i had mentioned was actually my lecturer!(will never forget this epic moment).

Going through a part time course is way hectic than whatever anyone could imagined but the way Mr Jason conducted his lesson, it only brought lots of laughters and knowledges in regards to the actual working life and his experiences instead of the so-call incomplete guidebook which we can never learnt much from it.

Not only is he knowledgable, his hyper, inspiring, fun, awesome and definitely a great help in solving any of our problems that we are facing through, be it marketing or the university that we should choose after our diploma course.

We are lucky to have him as our lecturer, and sadly to say, we are also his last class that he will be teaching. Definitely a great lost to Kaplan and also the upcoming students as well.

Mr Jason, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the time and effort that you had put in just to make sure each class are full with laughter. Will never forget the way you inspired me to someday, be like you. All the best in your next venture, and i am sure you will do as well as how you did now. (:

p/s : I hope we will cross path again, so that i could learn more from you. You will be missed.

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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