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Mar 06, 2017 by Ari
Course: Marketing • 
Intake: UCDBBSMKT24 

Hiii! Jason u r the best and most fav lecturer that i have ever had and I really appreciate how you make time for us to help us guide us and teach us as well as how you really want to share ur knowledge and experiences with us! Your every class is very enjoyable and helpful especially ur notes

Thank youuu i hope to see you soon !

Feb 25, 2017 by WONG JING YI
Course: MARKETING • 
Intake: PT-DipComMM-16 

Jason, you are a great lecture, is a great pleasure to let you teach us.
Thank you for the class on the classroom in a pleasant way to learn.
You give us the notes really helpful to understand the marketing content.
Thank you awesome lecture... xD

enjoyable experience

Feb 24, 2017 by Nicole
Course: PTDipComm16 

Enjoyable experience with lecturer Jason. Get all the information with the easy and straight-forward way but never miss out any details. Help a lot with the exam and also give us a very complete understandable structure of Marketing.
He also share a lot of interesting points with his experience, opinions and stories.
It's still have a lot of things need to learn from him. Thanks so much for all the help and all the classes.

Feb 24, 2017 by Lennard
Course: Diploma in Marketing Management • 
Intake: MM-16 

Very patient Tutor and conducts very informative classes. Ensures his students are always focus and understand his teachings. He has a unique way of conveying his teachings to his class which makes me feel he is a very interesting personnel.

A short message to Jason:
Thank you for your lessons and your kind thought towards your students and I appreciate your patience and understanding to us working adults, please continue to be influential and God Bless You!


Feb 22, 2017 by Kayenne
Course: Consumer behaviour • 
Intake: BBS 48 UCD 

Fun and engaging lesson! Will never feel bored, and will always look forward to the classes as well. Gained lots of general knowledge as well, learning things outside of the textbook. It was definitely a joy having Jason as our lecturer, one of the best! Good job!!!

Feb 04, 2017 by Charlene
Course: M&C • 
Intake: PT NTB 8 

Jason's definitely one of the very few lecturers who can capture the whole class's attention with his interesting, upbeat and most importantly, highly relatable lectures. Thanks again for your wonderful lessons which I can remember even till now! (:

Jan 30, 2017 by Iman Nashoha
Course: PT NTB BABM • 
Intake: 8 

Honestly, i didnt expect Jason's class to be fun that's filled with lots of laughter and knowledge. Came in to class with 0 knowledge on marketing but with his classes in a short period of time, i understood there's so much definition to it.

Once again thank you for the endless laughter!

Jan 07, 2017 by Asaph
Course: Consumer & Buyer Behaviour • 
Intake: UCD BBS MKT 24 

I like how Jason teaches us in ways that are different and entertaining. Class is never boring with him teaching! Thank you Jason! šŸ˜€

Jan 07, 2017 by Issac Kwan Wei Rong
Course: PT UOE BScMM 5 • 
Intake: Marketing Management 

Jason lesson are always fun and interesting. The style he used for teaching is unlike other lecturers. He make his lesson easy to understand by using mind maps as well as relating to his work experience in the marketing industry. The knowledge he shared are helpful toward the coursework assignment as well as in the working place. Although, i had only attend 3 lessons currently but i felt that i had learnt a lot from Jason. All in all, i look forward to attending the upcoming lesson. Thanks Jason!

Jan 04, 2017 by Syafiqah
Course: Murdoch Marketing& Web comm • 
Intake: Strategic Marktg Class 

I love your teaching style! Make it easier for us to understand eventho class is in the morning! Thank you for teaching me (and us) well!

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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