The longest and most touching students’ testimonial for Strongerhead

This is the longest testimonial i have ever received. And also a very touching one. I could only post it here due to the word limit on my testimonial page. Thanks Govarthan (the big guy) for this very humbling compliment, and your generosity for sharing it with everyone here.

Name: Govarthan “Big Guy” Gunasegaran (from Kaplan – 17 intake marketing communications)
Title: Jason Tan. Strongerhead. Whichever he is, he simply Rocks!!

He really does rock!!
Makes his every point so very clear, in a variety of ways that its hard that you dont understand. Always with a smile in class, never showing his anger, never showing us his stress levels… Thats Jason Tan for you!

“Strongerhead is a way of thinking (whatever others think, you think opposite)” <<< This is exactly him! I cant remember how many time he would have said this in class: "I always think different. What everybody want to do, I don't want to do. What everybody dont want to do, I want to do very well!" Short of climbing on the furniture, hanging from the lights or break dancing in front of you, he will do anything to make you laugh! But here is what sets him aside from the rest, after laughing your socks off, you actually learn something from something valuable! The only Marketing I knew is going to one under my block to buy some stuff for mom to cook! And the only Communication I knew is the one I do with another human being. But 8 lessons with Strongerhead later, I did an exam on Marketing Communications and did not stare blank at the paper. Trust me, I don't absorb academic subjects easily. Takes a special guy, with a special method on a very special day to actually feed theories into my head! I had 8 such special days with Jason Tan and all his special custom-made methods of learning. Thank you Strongerhead for making it worth dragging my tired body to school after work to attend classes! (Sorry ah...Sometimes abit too tired until I fall asleep even amidst the ruckus the class creates! Hehe!!) The textual guide the school provided only had like 20% of what we know....the other 80% came from the human guide the school provided, Jason Tan AKA Strongerhead! Never not prepared for class. Always has some extra slides to give us, always has some extra pointers and tips to give us, and never has one class gone by without him showing us a video that some of us will chorus after watching, "Dropbox pls!!" And any question or doubt you throw at him, he is prepared to answer and/or tackle! There was only one time he was not prepared for what PTDipMComm17 had to throw at him....That was on the last day of class....When 4 guys decided to throw HIM up into the air! Yes, we did catch him!! (Ask him how much he enjoyed it!) With all of that said and done, I can only say one thing! Thank you Jason! For all that you have been, For all that you are, And for all the help you will of in our future, Thank you! Losing you is like losing the best chance I have been given to secure a good future...So I wont be losing your contact anytime! Had a blast with you. If every teacher in our past and future were to be heads... You are forever our Strongerhead!