what is good advertising?

I am very passionate about advertising. i love to come up with ideas. I admire looking at good ads. base on this reason, i wanted to join the ad agency. And so i went for an interview in hope to secure a job where my passion lies.

During the interview session, i explained how i eat and breathe advertising. Like i know alot about it. Then a question came, which got me speechless. When the interviewer asked, since you know so much about advertising. Can you define what is good advertising? Suddenly, i realised i do not have the answer.

Tis got me to realise how am i going to come up with a good ad if i do not know what is good advertising. Ever since then, i had changeddeveloped a habit whenever i look at advertisements. When ever i  saw an advert that attracts my attention, i would ask myself why i like it. And remember the ‘WHYs’. Consolidate all the ‘WHYs’. Afterawhile, i realise how i define what is good advertising.

Even after you have arrived at your definition of good advertising, you should never stop asking yourself this qns constantly. With time, your answer might evolved slightly. Your principle behind good advertising might be the same, but the tactics might have changed. You need to keep yourself updated to stay ‘sharp’ in your eye for good advertisements.