what to do during job interview

Happy 1st weekend of 2011 to YOU. I hope many of you are ready to rock 2011 in style.

In 2011, i am sure after bonuses been release, some of you out there will be looking to get a new job. This morning, i came across a link about tips to prepare yourself for a job interview. There are 15 relevant tips on that link. There’s three particular points that caught my attention.

1) Forget the odds are not in your favour
For those big and reputable organisations, it is not surprising for them to be receiving hundreds, even thousands of applications for a job opening. Do not focus on your probability of getting the job. Instead, focus preparing yourself for the interview. The good news is that you have been shortlisted, which means the organisation probably feels that you MAY have what it takes for the job opening. Now, all you have to do is to reaffirm them that you REALLY HAVE what it takes to fulfill that role you are applying for. Another tip i would like to throw is to adopt a zip zap approach during the interview. So that u will stand out. But not making yourself so different.

2) Fill your heads with victories
Positivity attracts positive energy. and the opposite is also true. if you think u will win, u will probably win. If you think u will not, then u probably will not. If you wish to be a lion, you need to first behave like one. Think of victories and victories will be with you. Of coz, what if in the end, victories were not on your side. If you are thinking of that, it means yr head is not filled with victories yet.

3) Get ready, then let go
I’ve seen interviews went too “STAGED”. in another words, fake. And i also experienced myself being in an interview, and suddenly, my head went blank, and i forgotten what to say, even when i am already prepared for that kind of questions being asked. Here’s the advice, be very prepared. But when the time comes to the talking, put your preparations away, relax and enjoy the CONVERSATION. If it does not feel like a good conversation, u’ll know it is not a good interview session. Just when u meet a new friend, u will know if the two of you hits off well or not during that initial conversation. It works the same during an interview.

More for details to all the 15 tips, visit http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/How-to-Rock-Your-Next-Job-usnews-4116626436.html