What to study???

R u asking yourself the same question? If not, it’s either one of two scenarios.  

(1) You already know what u want

(2) You are still unsure abt yr future plans

I didn’t know wat to study at 1st. The plan is to study something that can make a lot of $. Heard from my teacher Auditor can make tons of $. Am not surprisingly, I was in accountancy. Coz I don’t know what I want, I follow what others think is good. As a result, I was not happy. Took a lot of energy off me to do well in things I didn’t enjoy.

After I graduate from accountancy and completed national service (army), I decided to jump into something I like and enjoy doing, Advertising. The process of studying in Advertising is the same as for Accountancy. The only difference is that you feel less dreadful going for classes that you like, studying the topics that you have interest in, and doing projects that you enjoy doing. As a result, you don’t feel that you are studying. And when you get a job in the field that you desire, you don’t feel you are that you are working too.

Of coz, some might say, that’s becoz I know what I want. Hey, I didn’t know what I want initially. It was through trial and error that I discover what I don’t want. And slowly filter out my options to nail down to what I want. You can also say I started off with a ‘lousy and undesirable’ plan.  But I altered it in the process.

Plans can be tweaked to stay relevant to your goals and dreams. But without a plan, you will not get to anywhere easily. You be better off with a ‘lousy’ plan than without one. And eventually, it will lead you to the right path.