When to Quit and When not to lesson at Curtin

30 Dec 2011 marks the last working day for the year. I had the honour to conduct one of my favourite enrichment topic, “To Quit or not to Quit”.

This is one of the common enquiries from students and friends and peers. I had decided to put up a session at Curtin in hope to shed some insights on this issue.

Feel like giving up I bet you are often faced with such moments. The reason why you will feel this way is because you must have started on something. It could be a hobby that you just picked up recently, a sports which you are learning, a skill which you are looking to horn, a book which you wish to complete reading it, exam which you need to study, a job which you need to endure working, etc. As you progress on, the journey doesn’t seem so enjoyable any more. This is a possible tell tale sign for one of two possibilities:

(1)                You are doing something that is not for you. Which is why you are no longer enjoying yourself.

(2)                You are facing obstacles that is stopping you from becoming successful.

Is it important to differentiate which one you could be in, first it is the first possibility, the faster the quit, the better off you will be. Time is precious, and you do not wish to spend away your precious time doing things that you do not like or enjoy doing. Especially when it is not going to bring you closer to your life goals.

If it is the 2nd possibility, then you should toughen yourself up and stick through the entire cycle of hardship. Once you are through, it’ll get you closer to achieving what you wish to achieve.

In 2012, I wish for everyone to have the balls to quit the wrong things, and have the determination to not quit the right things.