When to speak up

not sure about yourself. For me, i always have a problem speaking up during meeting sessions. I feel intimidated for some reasons (which i also dun know what they are). I have tons and tons of ideas/comments/opinions, point of views that i can only keep it to myself. Is it lack of BALLS?  Or it is a culture thingy?  Becoz of that, i often lose out or hide under the shadow of those who are outspoken or who speak up during meeting or discussion sessions. I am invisible.

INVISIBLE = NOTHING. If you are invisible, it means you are NOTHING.

If you want promotion, pay increment, rewards, you must be visible. Which means, you must be SOMETHING.

One of the ways to stand out, and be remembered is to speak up. But do not talk and talk non -stop. Sometimes, it can be annoying.  Have you come across those who just paraphrase your statement? Or worst, simply repeat what you just said. Or have you come across those who only know how to say “YES. I agree”. “Yes,  I think John/Peter/Charlene has a point. And I concur”.

Here’s some tips on when to speak up:

1)        When u’ve something to say backed by logic

2)        When u’ve a constructive idea to share that can solve problem(s)

3)        When u see a problem in a unique perspective that others do not see

4)        When u need to break the silence

The forth point is quite an interesting learning I have gathered. And hope you guys can benefit from it as well. When you have quality things to share or say, speak up. There’s a saying, timing is important. When to speak up is very important too in terms of timing. During a meeting session, or discussion, sometimes there are occasions where everyone has nothing to say. The board room is filled with dead silence. So silent, it creates an awkward atmosphere within your boardroom. I bet many would be dying for someone to say something, and break the silent. This is the moment you make your presence felt. Make your mark, And Be REMEMBERED. Provide you have some quality comments to make (that fulfill point 1,2 or 3 above).

So, Speak up and be visible. Coz invisble is nothing.