Why pain doesn’t hurt me?

Why pain doesn’t hurt me? Becoz when others see pain, I see rewards.

I know. Sounds like I’m a sucker for pain. Maybe that’s how I got my nick, Strongerhead. However, the truth is I’ve accepted the fact that to achieve anything, it is gonna be like cycling up a hill. The more ambitious your goals are, the tougher your journey will be. But the question is not about how bad is the pain and hardship. It is a question of how bad u want to get to the top of your hill.

To you, your goals might be noble, ambitious, good to have. But to other, it is not worth the trouble, too much effort needed, and too much sacrifices required. To some, being able to conquer Mount Everest or swimming across the pacific ocean is a life goal. To others, they might see it as a pointless act, a waste of time. But what matter most is how you see it.

That’s the reason why i persevere all the journeys that I have embarked so far to get to where I wanna be despite all the odds from those around me. That is becoz when others see pain, I see rewards. That’s the fine line that separates the achiever and the non-achiever.

As the saying goes, if you have accepted the pain, the pain cannot hurt you.