Why did you go to school?

What are the benefits of receiving higher education?

Well it is still about the benefits you will reap from the education. But, for most students, the perspectives of what benefits means to students have evolved with time.

Students are becoming smarter nowadays. They understand the need to get themselves the required certifications to help prepare them for their career. But i guess, they have neglected the HOW. How will education get them prepared for their career development?

Over the years, many have focus on the need to get a diploma, a degree, or a master, but they have forgotten the purpose behind these education. All they look for is literally to get a diploma, a degree or a master. But neglected the essence of why are they getting themselves educated, to better themselves. After they have graduated or completed all the courses, many of them can remember or worst, have learn nothing from their education.

Of course without good paper qualification, you will find it a real challenge to land yourself with a good job. not impossible, but it will be a bit of a challenge. However, the certification, for most of the time, will not guarantee you a good job either. 

Nevetheless, even if you have it all planned out, and getting the certificates will guarantee you a place in your career progression (ie: maybe a company has guaranteed you a place with them as soon as you have completed your degree, or master), i still think you should make the best out of your school and bagged yourself with a wealth of knowledge that will better yourself.

The reason why your employers are looking for someone with higher education is because it is suppose to mean the one who has received better education have more knowledge and skills that will be able to value add to the organisation. Make sense?

But in fact, many students are now just after the paper qualifications, without any real developed skills that they could have possibly horn from their schooling days.

And of course, they blame the lecturers for being a lousy one, who can’t possibly make their lessons interesting enough to capture their attention. They blame the lecturer for teaching them something that is not applicable in their work force.

I think it takes two hands to clap. For someone to be able to teach well, the receiving party must be teachable in the first place. You can have the best mentor in the world, and if you behave in an unteachable manner, you will still not able to learn anything from the best mentor.

Here, the lecturers could be doing their best to impart knowedge and share experience that can benefit you. Show you how you could use those knowledge and apply it in the real life. There you are, finding those “talks” as a waste of your time.

Imagine yourself being the lecturer, if this is the kind of response you are getting, which route would you take, to give the students what they want, and make life easier for yourself? Or do your best to better themselves in ways you could possibly can?

Even if the lecturer is a really lousy one, as a student, if your career turns out to be a disaster. Do you blame the lecturer or blame yourself?

As a students, be honest to with yourself. what might be going through your mind when you are attending a lecture?

Is it:

(A) “Can the lecturer just cover what will be coming out for exams and end the class early !!!” (notice it is not a request)


(B) How can i use the learnings of this topic to better myself, apply it for my career / business now or in the near future?

I hope you remember why did you go to school in the first place. It is what you can REALLY LEARN from school that differentiate you from the rest. It is NOT the certificates that will bring you to the next level in life.

And take responsibility of your own life. If you really do not wish to learn, no one can teach you. But if you really want to learn, no one can stop you too. The choice is yours to make.