DSMM 1st & 2nd marcomm last lesson

i fell in love with this batch since day 1. Although we went through a couple of hip ups on our first day, some students got the wrong textbook, some miscomms on our lesson schedule, but hey, it all pans out well. i’ve had some of the best time with this class. I hope you guys felt the same as i do, i had alot of fun throughout all 12 lessons.

I like your passion and drive towards learning. Very committed towards your studies and to your future career. You guys definitely did well making strongerhead dollars on our QUIZ session. Hope you guys learn something, remember what we have went through and had fun throughout the session too.

I hope during the last lesson, you guys have benefited from the resume writing tips and some career advice. My apologies for the very short and quick session on career development. There was not enough time for me to run through this topic in greater details. But please feel free to visit strongerhead.com or go through some of the links on career advice and resume writing tips.

http://strongerhead.com/?s=+resume (resume as key word search)

(ie: http://strongerhead.com/how-to-sell-yourself-as-fresh-grads-resume-writing-tips/; http://strongerhead.com/strongerhead-ways-to-selling-yourself-for-marketing-job-openings/)

http://strongerhead.com/?s=+career (career as key word search)

(ie: http://strongerhead.com/what-does-your-career-goal-mean-to-you/; http://strongerhead.com/finding-your-career-edge/; http://strongerhead.com/find-marketing-job/)

Once again, thank you everyone for the attention, support and commitment that you have put in for DSMM 1st and 2nd intake Marcomm classes. My thank you list for the 1st & 2nd intake strongerhead warriors include:

– Wu Xuan (Sherry, our top strongerhead dollars earners during the quiz)

– Phuam Le Hoang Phuong (one of most hardworking students. you missed our last lesson. hope you be able to catch up with your classmate on what you have missed out. Nevertheless, you will be missed and remembered)

– Phang Kee Young (the one with hidden talents)

Ren Nan (sweet and kind Rachel)

– Ding Qi Yi (humble and quiet Isabella)

– Xia Ji (passionate Jeremy)

Unpretentious Lin An Yang

Modest Yan Wei

– Loren Tan Guo Liang, the one filled with potential

 – Competently Thai Ngoc Bao Ngan

– Ding Fang Peng (Apple, whom everyone loves)

– Liu Zihan (the Bright Dora)

– Helpful Nguyen Anh Tai

– Pham Quang (ever supportive Bryan)

– Somsanouk Sengdouangvixay (Em, our smartie and fun loving guy whose presence is always felt)

– Lovely and cute Su YeZi

– Wang Hongyi (Alexander the GREAT)

– Gentle Yu Zhe Min

Pretty and gergous Nadia Nathania

Big guy Gu Xiadi

Keep in touch and all the best to your exams and careers. Cheers