Strongerhead testimonial for the Enrichment sessions

Thanks Chris from Curtin.

It’s the first time we crossed path through one of the enrichment sessions at Curtin last Fri. The session was about why you should Think Opposite to achieve break through in life.

Honestly, the session last Friday was kind of a surprise for me. It was Friday the 13th. But the kind of experience i got was uncanny of a typical Friday the 13th. I had received quite quality attention span and a mini standing ovation from the students.

I have also gotten my first testimonial for 2012, and the first official testimonial for the enrichment sessions. Thank you Chris for the nice testimonial. Look forward to seeing you for the last 3 enrichment sessions before the semester ends.

Testimonial from Chris about Strongerhead’s enrichment session (similar to the grandfather story which i used to share exclusively for MIS DSM students):

“Be honest, like other subjects economics, marketing, communication in business. Yes, I am interested in these. But, these all are tought according to the text books. But, urs is not the same. u r sharing ur interesting experiences in the lessons which we really can’t learn from the major subjects. The most important one is u can catch the attention from students and make your lessions approachable and fun. I think maybe u understand our black box as u r an advertiser. So, u can communicate with us so easily :)”

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