Your testimonial keeps my passion going

After a sleepless Friday, a complete wacky and fun but tiring Sat (as i had to prepare for my wedding event), i now have to devote all my time to finish my lecture notes in the next few days. And i have to also mark all the assignments in the soonest time possible for one of my class. As i know some of them might be anxious about their results.

Honestly, i kind of ‘regret’ taking on the year end classes. As i know i am going to be kind of ‘burn out’ this year end with all the family and other work commitment. Many, even my mum had seek for me to take as much free time as i could to give myself a break (it might be a really nice thing i should do actually).

Being quite drained out, sitting on the table, without my textbook on my right, getting ready to plan all the lecture notes on a Sunday, suddenly my subconscious mind is telling me “go for a movie”, “laze around and do nothing”, “get some rest”.

At this very moment as i was battling with my subconscious, a got an email, “You have received a testimonial”. it was from Deanson, one of my student from Curtin.

I have to say, i was very touched by his testimonial. It reminded me of all the reasons that has kept me going for the past few years. And given me more reasons and strength to keep my passion alive and going for more years to come.

BIG Thank you Deason Lee. You have been one of the students whom i’ve been really please to have. After the 4 advertising  modules that you have taken on with me, i can seriously sense the obvious difference in you. Your potential and ability have grown tremedously. I’m sure you will do really well for your career, and you will do me proud once again on your career arena.

All the best to you and cheers to your endless victories.

Adstract from Deanson Lee’s testimonial to Strongerhead (ref:

First Name: Deanson
Second Name: Lee
Institution: Curtin
Course: Advertising (Principles) 211, Advertising (Account Planning) 340, Advertising (Strategic) 310, Advertising (Campaign Development) 391
Year of Completion:  2010 – 2011


“You can use advertising concepts to solve everyday problems” – Jason Tan Strongerhead.

The difference between Jason and an average lecturer is that Jason has the ability to change the lives of his students.


Jason puts in tremendous amount effort into his lessons.

1) He engages students and use various methods to capture their attention.

2) Advertising Concept taught by Jason does not only lie within the boundaries of the textbook, but he also teaches concepts used by actual agencies.

3) Jason makes sure that we understand and know how to apply concepts taught, through various  exercises, which he would personally go through with each student guiding us on how to improve.

4) There are case studies, of videos, presentation slides of campaigns done by agencies exposed to us by Jason to help us understand and keep up with trends.


1) I have took four modules with Jason, and at the end of every module, he would give us valuable comments on how we are, our strengths and our weaknesses, and how we can work on each.

This greatly helped my grades, from a simple Pass during my 1st module to a High Distinction on my final sem.

2)Help is offered beyond the classroom, Jason extends his guidance even after students part from him. is living proof, and until today I still check back on this website for advice.

Through all the exercises done in classes along with all the motivation, Jason allowed me to realize that I had potential to do even better while gearing me up to enter the industry.

Thank you Jason tan Strongerhead, for your teachings and guidance.”