How to pass your exam session

The secret to success lies on 2Ms (the first being the MIND: Psychology; the second being the METHOD).

To succeed in anything you wish to pursue, you need to first BELIEF (mind) that it success is within your reach. And you need to know what ACTIONS (method) to take in order to take you to victory.

With the right belief + the right actions = successful results

I remember one of the worst experience, which turns out to be the best thing that happened to me was back in my secondary school days. No matter how bad I had done academically, it has never occurred to me that I’ll one day fail my exam. Somehow, I always managed to get by during my primary school days. Nevertheless, my fear of failing hits me when I was in Secondary one (high school level). However, if I had not failed my secondary one, it would not have inspired me to become who I am today. It was a life changing experience for me that spurred me to become the top student of my school. You may refer to for details of my story.

Ever since, I had understand the importance of having the 2 Ms to succeed in anything I want to pursue. This principle of success had brought me a long way till today for my studies and my career development.

Recently, I was invited to share the secret of 2Ms with the students of Curtin University, on how they can apply the 2Ms for their exam preparation.

So here we go, first session was held on 4 Oct after lunch. I met the seminar coordinator, and he told me that those students were kind of ‘forced’ to attend these classes and I can therefore expect students to leave half way after they have marked their attendance. Getting their attention is also going to be a challenge.

24 attended, 6 of them left during the break, and 2 of them were busy chatting away at the back of the class just to get their attendance signed. At least I got 16 real audiences, and I had received very encouraging feedbacks from some of them. It is unfortunate that I didn’t get to take a class photo with them after the session. Thus, I make sure I brought my camera along for the 2nd session which happened on 10 Oct.

On the 10 Oct, it was raining cats and dogs. I am not expecting a lot of students in such weather condition. Coupled with the fact that these sessions are not compulsory, I am happy to have received 9 students on that day. And even more surprisingly, all 9 of them stayed throughout the session and had given me their full attention.

Although it has been a relatively small class, but a big thank you to all 25 of you. Thanks for the encouraging and positive feedback. I have been invited to conduct these sessions on a more regular basis.

Cheers, Strongerhead