Lost after graduate

I’m graduating soon. What should i do?

There’s a couple of standard and general options for most of you out there who are facing similar situation. The options are:

1) Further your studies

2) Go find a job

3) Start a business and be your own boss

4) ‘Wait and see how’ approach

In life, to see results you need to take action. Any form of actions, so long you take them, you will see results. It is either results you want to see or results you don’t want to see. But you will still see results. And sometimes, getting the results you do not want to see makes you stronger and it could be the best thing that happen to your life.

For instance, i took the wrong actions and wrong strategies to studying when i was in secondary one (like the first year in the high school). I failed my exams and had to repeat my secondary one. I dislike that result as it is not what i wanted, and hated that feeling because i embarrassed my parents, the result got me to be ashamed of myself, my friends look down on me, and my relatives despise me.

But it was the best thing that happens to me. It spurs me up big time. Not only it got me to be on my feet again, but I become so much stronger and wiser. I became the top student in school and from then on, I had always enjoyed good grades for anything I do.

In short, take action and you will see results. Which means if you wish to taste your success in life, you need to take actions to get closer to your success.  Having said that, for those who are feeling lost, and do not know what to do, option no 4 is not something I could encourage you to do. Wait and see approach will mean you are not likely to take any active actions. You can almost predict the outcome with this option. NO action will leads to NO result.

For those who are not sure if you should further your studies or not, it depends on what you want to do in your life. To make your money from working for others? Or to make your money from working for yourself?

If you wish to make money from working for others (meaning option 2, you probably would need to start finding a job), you need at least a degree to establish and build your career ladder properly. And if you are not sure what to study, I would suggest for you to read my previous postings on that topic. http://strongerhead.com/what-to-study/

If you have already got your degree and you wish to work for others, but not sure what to do next, here’s an article that might suit get you some insights into your next moves at http://strongerhead.com/fresh-graduate/

If you wish to be your own boss, and only work for yourself, you might still want to get a degree and equip yourself with the knowledge of the discipline of a business to help you run your business effectively and more efficiently.

For those who are still hesitating, I suggest you read http://strongerhead.com/dont-think-twice/ on how did I dealt with my indecisiveness when I was in the same shoes previously.

No matter what your options might be, take consistent actions to see results. If you see the results you want to see, keep it going till you reach your end goal. If you are not seeing the results you desire, alter your plans, change your strategies and get yourself back on track to your end goals.