Introducing the best University

Introducing the School of Life whose origin dated since the start of civilisation. In my opinion, the world’s leading academic institutions worldwide with real life working environment. Full range of facilities that can offer you a discerning leaning experience. Great strategic location, situated within walking distance towards your career goals. Attractive internship programs for hands on experience that pays more than peanuts. The school is run by CEOs. Free tuitions are offered by real working professionals.

YES. The best place to get yourself educated is to GO TO WORK. Do your learning in the school of life. There’s just so much you need to learn out there, thus I stronger suggest you get into the school of life the sooner the better.

If you start work at eighteen, you are five years ahead of someone starting at twenty-three.

At twenty-three, even with all of your formal education completed, you will still be the office junior be it you start at age eighteen or twenty-three. And it takes time to progress up your career ladder. Which means, the sooner you start, the earlier you will get to the top of your career ladder.

There are even more perks when you start early, say 18. If you get your career decisions wrong by age 23, you can alter course. But at age 23, if you realize you got your career decision 5 years later, isn’t it a bit late to find out you are in the wrong job at 28 years old?

If you are seriously keen to learn and wanting to put your assets to useful purpose, going to more formal schools will not help, whereas going to work will.

Remember, your real career starts only when you start to work, not when you are still in school. Find a faster way to complete your education and enroll into the school of life to kick start your real ‘education’.

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