Fresh graduate dilemma: What should I do after I graduate?

“I’m graduating in 3 months. What should I do?”

Here’s what you should do if you are graduating soon.

1)      Ask yourself do you like what you’ve been studying

The logical thing to do is to pursue a career in accordance your area of expertise (in your case, very likely it is what you have been studying). However, not everyone is happy at what you have been doing. You might have realized your true calling is in the field of something else.

For those who think that you dislike what you have been doing, however, you have no idea what you would like to do, time to interrogate yourself. Find out what turns you on. Find out what fascinates you.

The good news is that almost anything you like can make you money. You just have to find out how. Let me give you an extreme example. Some might say “I only love sleeping and that’s all”. If this is what you like, here’s what you might be able to do. You can be a professional “sleeper”. You can get paid sleeping by testing / endorsing all the new invention such as new bed, new pillow, new blankets, any products that help others sleep better.

2)      Am I equipped enough to venture into what I like to do

One can never be equipped enough to be a peak performer. However, you need to understand the difference between knowing enough to get you started versus continuous learning to improve yourself.

Different industries have differing requirements as to what is enough to get started. For doctors, lawyers, engineers, you need to go through the proper educational channels to get yourself qualified before you can kick start your career as a practitioner. If not, you just need to know enough to get yourself started. And LEARN MORE along the way.

To be a professional racer, you do not read books after books, clock enough racing arcade game hours before you can become one. The hands on experience will get you there sooner. I think you get the point.

3)      Where do I start finding myself a job?

Gun for the industry leaders. Find out everything you can uncover and learn about them. Who are the key stakeholders, write in to these people, get in touch with them, and make friends with them. As a fresh grad, every big organization will be able to afford you. It is just a matter of why they should hire you. And it is up to you how you are going to sell yourself.

4)      “Shit! All the jobs opening require experienced staffs. And I just graduated. How…”

Refer to the above question for direction.