Class Materials

AD211 (Right click to download)

AD211 BMW Ad Analysis
AD211 Watch Ad Analysis
AD211 Alcohol Ad Analysis
AD211 Carlsberg Ad Analysis
AD211 Carlsbery Ad Analysis Distinction
AD211 Dimetapp Ad Analysis
AD211 Levis Ad Analysis
AD211 Lees VS Levis Ad Analysis
AD211 Levis Ad Analysis
AD211 Colgate VS Sensodyne Distinction


AD250 (Right click to download)

250 USS Media Plan Ref 2
250 USS Media Plan


AD310 (Right click to download)

AD310 Scoot Ad Proposal Ref 1
AD310 Scoot Ad Proposal Ref 2


AD340 (Right click to download)

AD340 Creative Brief Make Up
AD340 Creative Brief Wendys
AD340 Discussion Guide Converse
AD340 Discussion Guide Counterfeits
AD340 Discussion Guide Make Up
AD340 Discussion Guide Yahoo Search
AD340 Focus Group Transcript Make Up
AD340 G Transcript + Analysis Counterfeits
AD340 La Senza Creative Brief
AD340 La Senza Transcript and Analysis
AD340 Photo Diary A Dog’s Life
AD340 Photo Diary Gamer
AD340 Photo Diary Smart Spender
AD340 Photo Diary Tib Bits


AD391 (Right click to download)

AD391 Campaign plan style100
AD391 Career Passport Jordan
AD391 Career Passport Lynn
AD391 Career Passport Eunice
AD391 iPhone Campaign Plan
AD391 Career Passport Joanna
AD391 Campaign Development Jeremy Lin


DSM IMC (Right click to download)

DMS IMC Heineken
DSM IMC Nike Pro
DMS IMC Panasonic Lumix Campaign
DSM IMC Panasonic Viera Campaign
DSM IMC Best Job in the World Ref 1
DSM IMC Best Job in the World Ref 2