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Well informed and amusing

Mar 23, 2016 by Soffyan Adam
Course: Marketing Principles • 
Intake: PT DipMComm 2016 

A great amusing and well-informed lecturer who does not make the class bored. Explanation was clear and even own experience was shared with the whole class to keep on learning and abit of entertainment as well.
Thank you Jason for the experience and knowledge that you had shared with us!

Response: Thank you for keeping your mind open to my style of teaching too. Without the support of you guys, the lectures would have been deem as underdog approach 😛

Fun and Engaging

Mar 07, 2016 by CHAN Li Shan
Course: Strategic Advertising • 
Intake: 3A 2015 

Jason is a great lecturer who always does his best to engage the class in the learning process despite the changes made to the module! Can't wait to attend more of his classes in the future!!

Response: I am happy to have taken up Strategic Marketing Module at Murdoch because of students like yourself

Understanding teacher who can explans clearly

Feb 21, 2016 by JENNIS
Course: Marketing principles • 
Intake: Administration 

I never fall asleep in this course, because what he had explained to us is very clear and can be easily understood. Thank you for having him as our teacher!

Response: I am glad i didn\'t make you feel tired during class. I too didn\'t feel tired when i am having you guys for class. It has been a pleasure.

The Funny Lecturer

Feb 14, 2016 by Lyndee
Course: Marketing Principle • 
Intake: PT DipBA13A 

I would like to express just how much i and the rest of the group enjoyed your class! You make the boring class come to life! Attended your class just like going for a comedy show.....Muahahaha 🙂 It was really fun and interesting!!
Your knowledge about marketing was impressive and we were grateful that you put in the effort and staying back late just for us!!
Thank you Jason and Wishing you an abundance of blessings, prosperity & good health in 2016! 什么都猴! 发啊!

Response: I am honored to be your class\'s \'entertainer\' and teacher at the same time. It gives me great pleasure to learn that your group has enjoyed and learned something about marketing too. All the best Lyndee. And be sure to complete your degree.

My Learning Experience

Feb 05, 2016 by Steven Tsam
Course: Marketing Principle • 
Intake: PT DipMM13 

Out of all the modules I've taken so for at Kaplan, I would definitely say that my best learning experience has been with Jason. There is a stigma that lecturers' are suppose to be smart, but very boring... Not for Jason. His style of teaching is making it fun and creative. He uses real life experience to tie into the subject he is teaching as a way to get the students to stay connected but at the same time the students are learning. So if anybody is contemplating on taking the diploma course in Marketing, you will be in good hands with Jason. This I will guarantee!

Thank you Jason for teaching me the ropes about Marketing Principles. In my current job, I work with the marketing team closely on promotional programs. Your teaching has provided me a broader sense of other tactics that can be use on seasonal or situational basis to try to appeal customers to see the value of the product(s) to drive revenue growth.

Response: i sense a great deal of satisfaction whenever students are able to put some of my teaching into practice or at least to some use. You have allow me to feel my efforts have not been put to waste. thanks you so much Steven.

First Impression stays till now

Feb 05, 2016 by Agnes khong
Course: Marketing principle • 
Intake: 13 

Thank you strongerhead Jason for teaching us, i was so impress when i first attended to your class. It was really fun and interesting... Never get bored in your class even when feeling tired after work. Im going miss your class and definitely going to miss u!
All the best to u and have a great Chinese new year,gong xi fa chai 🙂

Response: Happy Monkey Year to you Agnes. Thanks for the nice words. It is really refreshing to have read this note while i am struggling to clear my markings over this CNY period. Your note serves as an inspiration piece 🙂 thanks

Best-est lecturer on earth

Feb 04, 2016 by shiva shankari selvan
Course: PTDIPMM • 
Intake: 13 

One of best-est lecturer i have met. Thank you jason, for providing, feeding us with so much of informations. I really liked your class, as there is always something new to learn and always the satisfaction of leaving class, having to understand what you taught. Wish you all the best. Continue changing maby people's life 🙂 Advance new year wishes to you & your fanily

Response: I am delighted to learn that you are always feeling a sense of satisfaction leaving class. It also gives me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. Thanks Shiva.

Marketing Principles

Feb 04, 2016 by Lesnar Wong
Course: DIPEM6 • 
Intake: EM6 

One of the best lecture in Kaplan. teaching his own ways and knowledge about MP! Awesome! when we in help, he doesn't failed to help us ASAP! knowing that teaching his own methods and not really follow the book is really enjoying. all the best in your future! if got chance catch up soon!

Response: I am sure we will have a chance to catch up again. Let\'s do a class gathering in the near future. All the best to you too Lesnar and hope you clear this module and all other modules with ease.


Feb 04, 2016 by Jin Hoang
Course: Marketing Principles • 
Intake: 26 

So i have just finished the marketing principle with Jason. To be honest, he has impressed the students with his knowledge, sense of humour and his lively teaching style. Using his way of teaching, student can easily remember and understand the lessons.
He is the inspiration of the young generation, i must say.

Response: You guys are my inspiration to make teaching fun and exciting 🙂

I Remember This Lecturer name!

Feb 04, 2016 by Haro Xiao Hanrong
Course: Marketing principles • 
Intake: MM13 

As a part time student going to school after a long day work is a challenge. TIRED REALLY TIRED... ok I\'m lazy... But something strange happen recently! WHAT! I\'m looking forward to attend this class... YES! Jason class!

I love listening to his real life experience, showing me what is the real marketing out there and he presented the topic in an EXCITING and FUN way. He\'s humor can really make you laugh.

I think for part time students, we don\'t really remember the Lecturer name. Maybe you are like this too. The only time when you are interested in Lecturer name is when you need to submit your assignment. Same for me... I don\'t remember my Lecturer name... ... BUT!!!!!!


Something came into my mind! There are celebrity chef maybe JASON~ yes i mean you, can be a Celebrity Lecturer.

Class is over... Jason thanks you so much!

半工半读是一件痛苦的事, 真的会很累很累~ 好啦~ 我是懒惰的人。 不过这几个星期奇怪的事发生了! 我尽然期待上课! 什么!!! 对就是JASON的课!


半工半读的学生是很难记得老师的名字的。可是他却让我记得他的名字JASON!! 超级强头!

写着写着突然想到,如果有所谓的明星厨师,那JASON肯定也是明星老师吧~ Jason不要怀疑,就是你!告诉你一个秘密你真的很像【屌絲男士】的男主角,有空去Youtube看一下~ 真的,那个戴眼镜的。

虽然我们师徒两缘分已尽,我也带着悲伤的心情慢慢离开教室~ 教室的灯也关了~ 看着老师拉着他的背包,背影越变越小。 JASON 超级强头谢谢你。。。 。。。江湖那么大我们肯定会在相见的!

Response: I am dearly touched. Thanks for the recognition. No one has ever take me as celebrity lecturer. I\'m loving that thought. big thanks. I am dearly humbled.

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