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Essay testimonial for Strongerhead Lecturer

May 18, 2016 by Lin lifang
Course: Markets and customers • 
Intake: PT NTB BABM 8 

Finally I\'m here to comment on you la Mr Jason, it might be my anyhow casual comments, oh like, \"how is your feeling today?\" Haha, do not worry la , sure good comments :p

I thought about writing in Chinese, but I worried you don\'t really understand Chinese as you said your Chinese is not really good lol. Improve your Chinese la, in future can expand your career to China. So then just try to understand my Chinese-English ba hahaha

My essay starts with my impression of your first lesson. Frankly speaking you are the first lecturer who surprised me and also my classmates. Never before, have we met such an active and funny lecturer! It is not stubborn teaching style at all. You manage your lessons like a Talk shows with different types of exaggerated body languages that drove us non-stop bursting out kind of laughter throughout the four hours. You truly have a great sense of humors. After the first lesson, I was sure i am not the only one who is looking forward to having your lessons. Truly, after toiling hard at work for 8 hours, after which we needed to continue the 2nd half of our day attending lessons is super tiring and sleepy. But I\'d never slept in your classes. I believe none of us want to miss your excellent speech, not even for one second 😀

In your classes, we had been able to get the best of both world, while enjoying every funny moment and absorbing knowledge which you filtered from books, plus your life or career experiences. That is a fantastic way to lecture, making learning easy with maximum joy. I do deeply appreciate your effort and understand the hard work you have put behind your teachings, you are working not only mentally but also physically...because you sometimes run from one side to another side or jump up and down or raise your hands up and down in front of us...need lots energy but I think it is good exercise for you as saving time to go gym :p

I had ever had a short conversation with you. me: why are you so funny? You: if not you would sleep in the classes. I totally admire it! You are really 用心良苦!You deserve to be loved by us!

However the time flies...I don\'t like to study actually but I do miss the moments in your lessons, hope all of majors are taught by you! Of course it\'s not possible la I just day dream 😀 Really so miss you, my most favorite lecturer! We do love you so much much much!

Last but not least, all the best wishes for you, for your wonderful career and your family as well, stay healthy and be happy always!!!

By the way, would still like to clarify here if I unfortunately fail your course (touch wood), that is my problem none of your business. You did a good job already!

Response: This is indeed an essay form of comment and testimonial. My heartfelt thanks is also as heavily weighted like essay to Lifang and your classmates who had given me so much attention and support during class, which kept me going like Energizer battery.

From Diploma to Degree, you are still so awesome

May 18, 2016 by Siqi
Course: NTB BAIM Markets & Customers • 
Intake: 6 

Hello Jason Tan,


首先要说,你的课,非常有趣, 这太重要了,好多时候,因为一些课比较平淡无聊,大家都昏昏欲睡,但是你的课,可以保证的说,没有人疲倦,大家都全神贯注,听得开心又认真。我很幸运, 我不止在degree上过你的课,而且我在diploma也上过你的课,一直以来你的课都是生动有趣,而且学到很多东西,在diploma学到的,我在degree也还能记得住。

我有听到好多同学称赞你,他们都非常喜欢你的课,上课开心轻松又能学到很多知识,这大概就是一个老师的成功, 而且老师你是非常成功。

以前的同学也有说过,你是他偶像,哈哈哈,他觉得你太棒了,他最想上的课就是你的课,说是你的课不只是书上的死内容,更是跟我们分享一些以后的在事业在社会的人生经验,我们都受益匪浅, 而且我们有几个是因为你在Kaplan教书,我们才更愿意到Kaplan读书,就是因为你可能会教我们哦,幸运的是,你还真的有教到我们,哈哈,开心O(∩_∩)O~~

非常真心的感谢你,能在异国他乡,能遇到几个非常棒的老师, 我真的很感恩,希望老师您一切都好哈!身体健康,开开心心,事业一帆风顺!!!

Response: thank you Anna 🙂 I can understand Chinese and feel the sincerity of your testi too. Heart Felt Thanks

You are an Asset to Kaplan

May 12, 2016 by Nithiyah
Course: NTB HRM • 
Intake: 8 

Thank you so much for making the lesson less painful and I always look forward coming to your lessons. You are an asset to Kaplan, they are lucky to have you as one of their lecturers! God bless and keep rockin!

Response: You have been asset to NTB HRM 8 Nithiyah. Without students like yourself, the class wouldn\'t have been a hit.

The irreplacement teacher

May 12, 2016 by Eunice
Course: M&C • 
Intake: PT NTB BABM 8 

Classrooms can survive without iPads and computers, but never without inspirational teacher like you. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher that you are. I really enjoy every lesson that you taught. Stay cool and keep in touch ya. 🙂

Response: That is a really nice way to put it Eunice. You have been most kind.

Happy Belated Birthday

May 11, 2016 by Andy zhu

Firstly, happy belated birthday!!!! Attending your classes is like watching an interesting movie. My classmates always had their fries with them to compliment your lectures. May we score in the exams so your name will soar.
Remember us, from PT NTH HRM 8, Team Black Diamond of SIMBrand.

Response: I admire you guys fighting hard in the SIMBrand game. Your fighting spirit is admirable.

Good lecturing tactics

May 11, 2016 by Philemon
Course: BAIM • 
Intake: FT NTB BAIM 6 

Jason is a very good lecturer as he tries to make every of his lessons as enjoyable as possible. As we all know that studying for hours in the classroom can be very boring, but everyone in the class has been paying attention to his lessons as he has good teaching tactics. He has even gotten me to develop an interest in marketing. I will try my best to strive well in my upcoming exams. Cheers!

Response: I am glad you enjoyed marketing. Remember, it is a life skill

\'Forever high in sugar\' energy lecturer

May 09, 2016 by Ashley aka Angel

Everyone is unique in their own special way. Jason has been a very patience lecturer. It seems like he's "forever high in sugar". Whole day of lessons yet he can still bring the best of out himself to conduct the lesson in the evening. With his never say die attitude, Jason is indeed an inspiration to many.

Lastly, keep chasing your dream and continue to be the best you.
Jiayou, Jason!

Response: Thanks Ashley for the beautifully written testi. Your kind words will be on eof my key iinspiration to keep chasing my dream and be the best of me.

Passionate and Dedicated Lecturer

May 06, 2016 by Jemaine
Course: Strategic Marketing 

It was my last module of the entire course & I'm really glad to have Jason as my last lecturer. From his lessons, you can tell his passion & dedication for teaching is remarkable. With his deep in-depth of knowledge, it was always interesting to listen to his lectures and relevant experiences/stories. It has truly been a wonderful and fruitful journey throughout the whole sem.

Thanks Jason & keep in touch 🙂

Response: It wouldn\'t be that wonderful without your regular attendance and passion towards learning Jermaine. Thank you so much for your kind comments. This has been quite a tough module as it was my first. But your comments has been very encouraging. thanks

Markets and Customers

May 01, 2016 by Ryan Wong
Course: BAIM • 
Intake: 6 

I can honestly say Jason is the best lecturer I have encountered so far in my experience in Kaplan. His dedication to his students and teaching is obvious in his meticulousness in the study materials he prepares every lesson. Not many lecturers will go through the effort of going through books in their own free time and condensing it into simple bite-sized material for students.

Lecturers like him are truly a rare few!

Response: I am glad my efforts are being appreciated by students like you Ryan.

One of a kind Lecturer

Apr 29, 2016 by kezia
Course: FT NTB BAIHTM • 
Intake: 6 

I never liked marketing before, but when Jason taught me in Markets and Customers, I feel like it's now the most interesting subject in Uni. His broad knowledge and teaching skills always make the lesson fun and enjoyable. I personally think he has the best teaching skills and he always make sure that his students understand the lesson. Thank you Jason for sharing all the knowledge.
Hope to see you again, but definitely not at same module.. Hahaha

Response: I am sure it won\'t be for the same module Kezia. Maybe see you for your dissertation supervision if the chance allows.

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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