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Best lecturer !

Dec 12, 2015 by Han tong
Course: Mass com. M • 
Intake: 27 

Mr Jason always made the class very interesting and fun ,attending his class is ever boring! Thank you so much for sharing with us different stories just to let us understand better ! Thank you so much teacher !

Keep Up the Positive Vibe & Humour

Dec 12, 2015 by Vivi Yap
Course: Mass Communication • 
Intake: DipMComm27 

Mr Jason is the best lecturer in Kaplan by far. I've enjoyed the lessons, he's really humorous. I believe that every student will feel the same if he keep up with the positive vibe and humor. Thank you Mr Jason for teaching us in the most interesting way and may your next class be better than ours LOL! ^^

Inspiring Lecturer

Dec 08, 2015 by Yong Long
Course: FT DipComMM Marketing Principle • 
Intake: 25 

Never imagine having an interesting lecturer like Jason! Most of the lecturers that have taught us only read through the study guide. But not with StrongerHead ! Jason would research on some interesting examples to help us better understand some of the more complex topics. Sometime even share his life experience to let us get a clearer picture on how the theories can be applicable to our daily lives, His undying humor also helped to ease the tension in class, creating a more down to earth and friendly classroom environment. Whenever we\'re having doubt or trouble with some topics, he would make sure all of us fully understand it before moving on to the next topic. Amazing to know such great lecturer around ! Thank you. Although you had only taught us for a short period of time, but we sure have had a great time! Cya in school or best teach us all our remaining module !

Extraordinary Lecturer

Nov 26, 2015 by Jean Yew
Course: PT NTB BABM / M&C • 
Intake: 7 

Jason has never failed to impart his Marketing knowledge to us whenever we attend his lectures. He can always help us to understand the lectures in a simpler manner which ultimately assisted us to comprehend the whole module eventually. Besides, he has a great sense of humour and will never allow any of his students feel bored during his lectures. Thank you Jason, for guiding us and engaging us in your lectures. Hope to see you again in school soon whether you are still our lecturer in other modules. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Lecturer

Nov 25, 2015 by Chen jiayi
Course: Marketing communication&Digital marketing • 
Intake: BBS22MKT 

Jason is my marketing teacher. He is very humorous in class, so the class atmosphere is very good. My schoolmates can follow his rhythm. Jason looks very young, but he has enough social and work experience. He warn us that we will always face rejections, but he shared with us many ways how to solve these problems. I would also consider Jason as our life instructor whom one can depend on for both work and studies related matters.

Jason is very interesting in class. It can be said that he is a most interesting teacher in my university (University Colleague Dublin) . He is very good at giving examples to help students understand the marketing communications concepts better. He once mentioned that choosing potential customer is like choosing boyfriend to help us understand the importance of marketing and the concept of targeting - customer selection). Besides, he is able to promote the class atmosphere making you listen to him and and dropping thoughts of sneaking off.

Jason is meticulous when it comes to assignments. He would not mind telling us steps and requirements of the assignments in an explicit manner. If you have any problems, you can ask Jason, and he will seriously answer you. He is a very good and patient person. If schoolmates put forward the same problems, you can count on him to help address your concerns and issues.

Jasonโ€™s notes are very special, with pictures sometimes. These pictures can make students like me whose mother language is not English, and yet still about to simply understand the meaning.

Jason is the most interesting teacher I have ever met in my university, Hope he can be our teacher in next term.

Superb Lecturer

Nov 22, 2015 by Nicholas Lee
Course: Marketing Principles Bridging • 
Intake: BCom28 

Hi Jason. Really thanks for the interactive lesson. I was thinking that I am going to waste my weekend again, but definitely you have transform this weekend fruitful and informative, especially this could come handy to my work.

Thank you for your professionalism and willingness to share.

You Are Awesome!

Awesome Lecturer

Nov 21, 2015 by Tan Jing Ru
Course: PT NTB BABM / M&C • 
Intake: 7 

Attending Jason's M&C class mostly on Monday really chase my Monday blues away. I really enjoy attending his classes because it is always fun and informative. Jason summarised each chapter using mind maps which are very helpful for exam. He is also very approachable and he really made marketing a very interesting lesson to learn. Thank you Jason! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Most

Nov 19, 2015 by DENG FANG
Course: PT NTB BALSCM • 
Intake: 7 

Jason, you are the best lecturer who I knew in Singapore. It\'s really a pleasure journey to study M&C, the way you taught is easily understand and also very exciting.
Jason is really \"่ตžโ€, don\'t miss his class!!!

Understanding Marketing was never quite the same again

Nov 19, 2015 by Gail
Course: Markets & Customers • 
Intake: 7 

To be honest, I dreaded this lecture before it even started because of some lectures I have had in the past by other lecturers. It was a common deal to recite the textbook and make sense of it all on your own before so I expected the same.

But by the third lecture with Jason, I started gaining some very useful insights towards the importance of marketing and this sparked off my interests which encouraged my learning even more. This is something that is necessary at some point of a person's learning journey. One can't learn something well, if he/she does not enjoy it right? This is why I'm very thankful to Jason for being able to make a Marketing module one of the highlights of my degree program!

Strongerhead, teacher of a different league

Nov 18, 2015 by Ivan
Intake: Em4 

Jason is a amazing teacher of a different league. His unique way of teaching makes it so much easier to follow. The only lecturer so far to leave such an impression in my batch. He has the ability to make the class more energetic even students who are usually quiet are actively participating in his class. His lessons will always consist of laughter and
jokes and not forgetting the knowledge that he impart to us. Cheers!

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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