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Awesome Lecturer EVER

Oct 18, 2015 by Chin Yi Pin
Course: Event Management • 
Intake: 4 

Thanks Jason for teaching us marketing principles in this module, before that I never knew that MP can be so fun and never felt interested about it. After you teach us, I feel SUPER interesting in MP. The way you teach is so flexible, fun and easy to let us understand what is MP about, it is really totally different with other lecturers. Many lecturers will just teach us with the boring textbook, but you don't, every time when you teach was so lively, we really learnt a lot in your class. Thanks again Jason, all the best in your future. šŸ˜€

Where story and lessons mix.

Oct 17, 2015 by Marcus Teng
Course: Marketing Principles Brg • 
Intake: 28 

Its hard for lessons to be fun and informative at the same time. Normally my focus will be on the lesson or story but I could tell the difference between the two. I would be mindful like a clock watcher to when the class will be ending. But in Jason\'s class, that was never the case. I almost never knew when the lesson began and when it was simply storytime. Lessons just flowed like reading a novel. You did look at the clock and go aww its lunch or wait lesson is over? But yet when you sit to review all you have learnt you could still clearly remember the content clearly as though you had memorised like mad. And all you did was sit through a lesson listening to what felt like a narration of your favourite book. Thanks Jason. It was a real pleasure of mine to attend your class. Cheers and stay cool.

Interesting lectures

Oct 15, 2015 by Jun yong
Course: Marketing Principles • 
Intake: Bcom28 

Lecture is so interesting that I don't want to skip a class! One of the best lecturers that can be found on Earth! Thank you Mr. Jason!

Never knew lectures could be so fun

Oct 13, 2015 by Jie Lin
Course: Marketing Principles • 
Intake: Bcom28 

Bridging classes were always a dread because they always take place during weekends, early in the mornings. This bridging however was different. For once I was actually looking forward to my weekend classes. Not only was the class enjoyable, they were simple to understand too. I liked how Mr Jason taught us through mind maps because this helped me a lot on exams preparation. It's like there is finally this one teacher on earth who understands the difficulty of students trying to grasp new concepts and therefore using loads of stories and interesting videos (funny, scary, inspiring, not the usual cliche boring documentary stuff) to bring out the concept or theories to us in layman terms. It was a truly an enjoyable and inspiring bridging because other than marketing topics, there were valuable life lessons that we could take home with us.
Thank you Mr Jason for being such an amazing lecturer, and also a very wonderful bridging module! (:

Most interesting lecturer ever!

Oct 12, 2015 by Esther Ang
Course: BCom28 

Thank Jason for your wonderful and entertaining classes. Never knew lectures could be so enjoyable till I attended your classes. I was never interested in marketing initially but I really enjoyed learning more about it. Definitely gained a lot of knowledge about marketing and how it links to our daily lives. Thanks a lot for the 4 days of fun, interesting and enriching classes!

The most awesome teacher!!!

Oct 12, 2015 by Rita Yang
Course: Marketing Principles Bridging Course • 
Intake: BCom28 

The most awesome lecturer I have ever met. Thank you Jason for enlightening me what is marketing when I dont have a piece of knowledge about it, and making me so interested in it. You really did insipre me to chase my dreams. Thank you for being so kind and patient, do not mind to repeat the same thing again and again just to make sure all the students understood the lessons. Thank you for valuable 4 days bridging. Appreciate.

Thank you Jason for the enjoyable Bridging classes

Oct 11, 2015 by Stanislaus Chang Jun Yi
Course: Marketing Bridging • 
Intake: BCOMM 3 

The BEST 4 days of classes in Kaplan! Lessons were enjoyable and engaging. To me this is not just a class, but I also learned a lot in value in life during your classes, I enjoyed it and time seemed to fly really fast! Thank you Jason for the enriching marketing bridging!

Number 1 teacher šŸ™‚

Oct 03, 2015 by Dinh Nguyen Phuong Linh
Course: Advertising Account Planning • 
Intake: Curtin BCom 

My friend Carissa had took your MPP class before she told me you're the best lecture in Curtin Singapore, and she's right! You're truly an inspiring teacher. Your 12 classes were so useful & fun, and I enjoyed a lot about the examples of thinking of your future career as your perfect match šŸ˜€ You gave me self-confidence for my future job. I'm really really really glad that I'm one of your students.
Thank you so much sir for your patience and everything!

Excellence & Well Done

Oct 02, 2015 by Michael L.S.M
Course: Account Cultural Planning • 
Intake: B. Commerce 

Personally, I'd like to say thank you for having a nice and cool class on TGIF. Mr Jason is very professional, well deliver the messages through the class and have fun too. Aye, I learnt a lot through this semester especially ACP module. Before took this module, I've no idea about it. After end of this final class 2/10/2015, I know ACP very well. Good job man!! God bless for your teaching career and etc.

I will miss you Mr. Jason!!!

Oct 02, 2015 by Joey Lim
Course: Advertising Account Planning • 
Intake: Curtin SG Tri2A 

Mr. Jason is an extremely engaging, approachable and funny lecturer. When Mr. Jason speaks about advertising stuff, it isn\'t a lesson, it\'s just like a bubbling conversation with a funny and knowledgeable friend!
Mr. Jason knows his stuff very well! His enthusiasm and passion is infectious, and he\'s the best lecturer I have ever met! Entertaining but always informative and I really enjoyed it! Thank you Mr. Jason for making my last semester become an enjoyable and memorable one. I will miss you!!! hahahah

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