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awesome lecturer

Nov 06, 2014 by Anita
Course: Bachelor business management 

Jason is a unique lecturer and always have example to give and make me understand more about the module. All your classes always interesting with awesome example. i really happy to have a learning session with you. its really amazing and best experience i ever had. thanks again Jason.

Why it is interesting to attend Jason\'s classes

Nov 06, 2014 by Eileen

It was really fun and interesting to attend Jason's class. He always provide the explanation with funny jokes and he has a great way to capture our attention. Great lecturer! Take care!

WOW..One Thousand millions likes

Nov 06, 2014 by Gary Guo
Course: Markets & Consumers • 
Intake: NTB PT BALSCM 5  

you are a such amazing lecturer that I nv ever had b4.. enjoy your teaching style n admire your ability to hook up audience's attention in good manner. Great to have u here as my lecturer, sharing your knowledge, your stories. Thank u.

Best lecturer i ever had!

Oct 31, 2014 by Janice
Course: Bachelor of marketing and advertising 

One of the unique lecturer i ever had! I really like the way you teach us in class with examples and applications, with your ideas, experiences and creativity that opened my mind. It really amazed me how you can teach interestingly with jokes but i am still concentrating. Best experience i ever had!! :))) Thank u Jason! 🙂

from 不会丢你的脸

Oct 26, 2014 by Adeline Kang
Course: Diploma in marketing management • 
Intake: 9 

I would say 不会丢你的脸 for this exam. Hahaha
Once again I on behalf of my noisy group thank you for your guidance and teaching to us. We have so much fun in your class. Yes we definitely get in touch and will ask you out for drink. Let go marketer zouk night soon.

One of the best lecturer I have studied with

Oct 24, 2014 by Linh Doan
Course: Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management • 
Intake: 8 

It\'s always very funny and enjoyable in Jason\'s class. He shares with us his experiences. He teaches us many things about Marketing. He has a magical way in teaching that makes student interested, and to help students understand his lessons easily. He is an amazing lecturer. Thank you. And wish you all the best.

Super Awesome!

Oct 17, 2014 by Jaymie
Course: Bachelor (Honors) in Business with Marketing Management • 
Intake: 5 

One of the super best lecturer I\'ve encountered so far. THANK GOODNESS! Not only is Jason\'s teaching methods super fun and super engaging, he also equipped with super good knowledge in the subject (duh) and given us examples which we can relate super easily and understand what he is implying immediately. This impacts a lot in our learning journey and I couldn\'t be more grateful than that!

As I am taking this course on part-time basis (night session), it is the first time that I still feel super energetic after classes. This is how fun and engaging his class can be.

Oh one last thing, I am super impressed and surprised that he was involved with the Heineken Walk-In-Wardrobe advertisement!! That\'s one of my favourite ad! Super BRILLIANT!

Watch it here:

Thank you Super Awesome Jason!~ ^^

One of the very best in Marketing!

Oct 14, 2014 by Syfqdmas
Course: Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism • 
Intake: 9 

He taught all of us marketing analysis. I must say, his knowledge for marketing is very good. He has his own ways in explaining complex things to the class to make it seem simplier. He builds good rapport with the class as well with his humour. Definitely recommended!

Awesome Lecturer

Oct 13, 2014 by sheena

Awesome lecturer ! Very fun! That's what we need to motivate us from learning and stay awake ! 🙂 gonna miss laughing and learning with u:)

Funny, Motivational, Awesome

Oct 06, 2014 by Le Anh Tuan
Course: Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management • 
Intake: 11th 

WOW! Its really difficult to write about this amazing lecturer! He has a unique way to teach that helps student to understand lectures easily and making them feel excited during the lesson. Beside that, in every single lesson he creates exercises for students to practice so they do understand deeply the theories. "Funny, Motivational, Awesome" are gonna describe this lecturer!

Strongerhead , USA 4.9 5.0 381 381 Lessons were very fun and easy to absorb and he doesn't teach from the book which is a plus point for me and that makes me look forward to attend his marketing lessons

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