Ad391 Nov 2010 – Feb 2011 came to an end

Last night, it is the end of Ad391 Nov 2010 – Feb 2011 batch.  By this Fri, it will mark the end of my 2010 lecturing schedules.

For most of them, i won’t have a chance to see them again. But for some of them, i’ll probably be meeting them again in other subjects. I wish YOU guys well. Honestly, you guys have been quite good during class. Apart from the constantly being late for class and lack of zest, I’m quite happy with the overall performance.  Most importantly, I seriously hope you guys have bagged something useful out of my class. If you have been asked what have you learned to date, I hope you guys will say “have a better idea on how to plan your career path”, “knows how to write better creative brief”, “understand the selling process better”,  “better understand how to kick start strategy”, “thought process approach to a problem and solution”. 

Of coz, I am not expecting everyone to be able to absorb everything that was being shared during class. I had also notice that many of you guys were pretty lost in terms of what to expect for the modules. It makes me wonder if the unit outline was not good enough, or if it is because many of the students were not able to login to the blackboard to download the necessary materials such as marking guide.

I guess many of the students are used to having a lot of references and guides to doing projects and assignments. In Ad campaign and Ad planning, there is a rough structure but no specific format for you guys to follow. As everyone are free to exercise your initiative to elaborate or express your thought structure for your assignment and projects. Maybe that becomes a challenge for most students, and might have caused some students to be really uncomfortable with the subject, which in turns cause them to lose interest.

Nevertheless, when you guys go out to work, there might be situations where you will be required to do up decks and reports without references as well. U will have to start from scratch too. Actually, Ad 391 and to a certain extent, Ad 340 will be are designed to get you guys to experience that.

Anyway,  feel free to drop me your feedbacks and comments (if any) on what you like or dislike about the lessons. Your honest feedback would be much appreciated. You may drop me a person email if you wish to.