Account Planning Class at Curtin with Jason Tan Strongerhead Jun 2013

One of my favourite modules, Account Planning (Ad340) at Curtin. This is one of the core advertising subjects at Curtin. I would also consider this as one of the core concept to master if you wish to be in Advertising and Marketing. Many had asked what is this module about. I would say, this is one module that actually teaches you the right way to think when it comes to problem solving for businesses.

And here’s our 14 problem solvers who had graduated from this module in Jun 2013. They should have the potential to make a difference to any companies they have join this with set of value added knowledge and skill set.
– Chua Jie-e
– Ivy Lim
– Nguyen My Hoa
– Antonio La Demas
– Yessy Olivia Maail
– Grace Ke
– Nicholas Anand Pereira
– Cris Huang
– Iggy
– Lucas Tok
– Song Ye Yoon
– Juwita
– Jogina
– Liu Yuan I

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Account Planning Class photo 2

Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Account Planning Class photo

Strongerhead class thinking exercise 2

Strongerhead class thinking exercise 3

Strongerhead class thinking exercise

Ye Yoon wearing her thinking hood