Lesson from Harry Porter: Achieve the unachievable

I read this from yahoo on lesson learned with Harry Porter. And fell in love with this phrase.

“It’s your own choices that define you, not your abilities.”

This was one of Dumbledore’s little nuggets of wisdom that he imparted on Harry at Hogwarts. So the next time someone berates you for failing at something because of your lack of skills, simply tell them: “No, no, I chose to suck at this.”

Jokes aside, this quote should serve as a constant reminder to all those who are facing difficulties or hardship or monstrous obstacles and challenges that is stopping you, degrading you, demoralizing you, making you to stop believing in yourself. Whatever problem or shit you might be facing, NEVER LET anything puts you down.

Such incidents happen to me all the time. I remember when I first hit with such situation, I have a lot of self doubt. I do not think I am good enough for the advertising industry. I cannot solve clients’ problem effectively. I cannot handle the internal clients well. Everyone seems to be against me. I am new. I am inexperienced. I look like I am good for nothing.

Fortunately for me, I have the habit of visiting the book stores (be it online or the physical store) whenever I am down. I wish to find new inspiration, hope , strength and ideas from books. To me, they are like my best mentor. And there is this one book that I have read, which turn my life around, and I would say, it kind of got me to who I am today in terms of my  mindset and thinking.

The book is not available from my library section. But it is definitely available at Kinokuniya and maybe other online book stores.  It is called “It’s not how Good you are, it’s how good you want to be” by Paul Arden.

In life, you can be quite good, good, very good, the best in your field, or even the best in the world. It is a matter of choice, not ability. Talent helps, but it won’t take you as far as ambition.

That is the reason why I constantly urge my students and those who had approached me as their personal career coach or life coach to have goal, have a dream, have a strong desire for something big.  Always aim for something that is beyond what you are capable of. You must develop a complete disregard for where your abilities lies. Because we all can ACHIEVE the UNACHIEVABLE. And of course, be prepared to make the sacrifices it takes to achieve it. Which is why you have to persevere and be prepared to stand against all odds for greatness.

Remember, there is no instant solution. The only way is to learn through experience and mistakes. And if you survive long enough, and learn fast enough, in no time, YOU WILL BECOME WHOEVER YOU WANT TO BE.