Ad 211 MCQ

The MCQ clashes with one of my seminar that i’m suppose to attend. i actually wanted to postpone the MCQ by a day. But was worried that they might have other class or commitment on other days of the week. And i can understand, sometimes, delaying the test date is not a good feeling for the students. Many of them might prefers to just get it done and over with. So let’s do just that. Hope they’ll do well for this MCQ. And study textbook well to prepare themselves for the Mid term test.

it is not going to be a very difficult paper. But it requires understanding of the theories in order to be able to attempt some of the MCQ questions. As i understand from previous batch that some of the questions, it is like applied-theory kind of questions. So might be a bit tricky if you have not been able to fully understand the principles behind those theories.

Good luck to my 211 Mar 2010 intake. Study hard and you get to enjoy the sweetness like all other 211 batches had experienced previously.