ADMM202 exam marked

The ADMM202 exam scripts been marked. It’ll be send for moderation tmrl. And one month from now i believe, the results will be released.

This is the first time i had taken on Services Marketing. Although i know many of you guys were not able to catch what i was saying during class. but your efforts were all put to a fruitful ending from all your results.

If i am not wrong, (of coz, this is just my speculation before moderation), i believe we have around 7 failures out of 28. Which is about 75% passing rate, and 25% of you failed your exams. But overall, i believe only 4 were not able to pass this unit. The rest of the 24 had cleared the unit. For the other 4 who did not, if you are given a chance to take the sub, i hope u be able to clear your sup paper and move forward with your studies to the next level ok.

No one scored about 80. I’ve got 10 students who scored above 60 range. For the rest, at least i know u understood what Services Marketing is about.

Now i believe it is time to go for our steamboat and have a great meal together.