Award winning resume template

Looking for an award winning resume template or sample?

For the new job hunters and seekers, especially those who have not write a resume before, and those who have not tested the effectiveness of your written resume. You might be wondering out there if there’s such thing known as the prescribed resume template or format or structure (whichever you call it) that will get a job.

For the old birds, this will probably be deemed as a ‘joke’. The secret behind resume writing is “there’s no secret formula”.

The resume template that helped your friend got a job, might not be the template that will help you get yours too. The resume template that many people uses and got a job, you be surprise it might not work magic for you. Because job hunting is an ART, NOT SCIENCE. Every recruiter has their own definition of what is a good resume.

However, if you wish to come up with something that will catch the eyes of your potential recruiter, you need to do two things. 

1) Understand the industry / company that you are applying. 

2) Create a resume that would have deem as creative base on the context of the industry or company, so that it will stands out.

For example: If you are in advertising, you know that all the resume formats and templates from the internet are not going to work.  If yours looks like one of those, then you know, it will not stand out. Thus, making your format totally different from the ones you see on the internet will give you a better chance of standing out. 

General Tips: Be different (For more infor, visit

If you insist of having a template, visit, or simply search ‘resume templates’, or narrow your search to ‘award winning resume templates / samples’ on Google.

As you are writing your resume, think about the person you are writing, and use your imagination, role play in your head, what could you write that will catch the attention of that person, and what might impress that person.  This is far more important than an award winning resume format. 

For more infor, you may visit and search for ‘resume’, ‘be different’, and ‘interview’. There are articles on resume writing (ie: and interviews that you might find it helpful.