Back to School

Today marks the new semester and new classes for many students. I will be having several sessions from now till September. Like 6 sessions a week. It is going to be hectic. But i will keep the postings coming. So stay tune.

Meanwhile, let me give you some updates to what went on during my classes today. it was a new class for DSMM, Integrated Marketing Communications at MIS and Advertising Campaign Development at Curtin. The first one started pretty with a drama. For some reasons, the students were given the wrong textbooks for the class. In hope to sort it out for the students, i had a slight delay in starting my class. Fortunately, i think things went on smoothly. This would not have happened without the active participation from the students. You are my new heroes for this new semester. You just made my day. And i am looking forward to seeing you guys twice a week from now 🙂

Big Hi to all my Ad391 students. Good to see you all again. And it is the last lap for you all. Let’s ensure we have a pleasant and memorable one yeah. Let’s produce a kick ass campaign for your project and i’ll do my best to make it a real one if the ideas are rock solid.

The reason for this posting is not only to share my sentiments on my “first day at school”. As many of you might be graduating soon, some of the students posted questions during class which i thought might be good knowledge for job seekers out there. Here are some of the questions most people are asking me

How is the market looking?

The good news is this. The market is actually looking pretty good. Especially when you are in this part of the world (Singapore – Malaysia, or APAC in general). There are positions out there. You just need to search harder and you will find open positions in many organisations.

The bad news is this. There are a lot of applicants out there.

Furthermore, the employers are getting stringent on their recruitments criteria. They would rather not fill the position than to hire people who do not impress them at interviews.

To rub salt to your wound, the market situations is not looking too bright and cheery. Many are anticipating a recession to hit anytime soon.  

So comes the next question, will Fresh Grads stand a chance in such market conditions?

 If you are a fresh grad, or if you are one without min experiences. You have an edge. YOU ARE NOT EXPENSIVE. That would be your secret weapon. Make that your advantage over the rest of them. And the other good news is that, there are many lousy applicants out there. It doesn’t take much to out shine and outsmart these applicants with your polished resumes and interview skills.

Also, last piece of infor before I pen off. Do not wait till the last min to prepare your resume and begin sourcing for potential employers. Before your semester ends, start your job search already. it takes a while to land yourself a proper job that you desire. Start the process early and you have an edge over others. I am sure many students out there have the same mindset of only begin writing their resume and job search after they graduate. How about do it before they do theirs. You be ahead to a certain extend.

All the best to your career establishment.