How to be good at what you do?

If you are not on your way to BREAKTHROUGH, you will be on your way to BREAKDOWN

Nov 2011 – Jan 2012 is looking crazy for Strongerhead. I guess I had taken on more than I should have taken on. Back to back classes starting this week. I hope I can catch up with the pace and my voice will stay intact for me, and all the monthly flu and sore throat, please stay far away from me.  

But on the flip side, I am actually quite happy with the busy schedule. Happy that I am given the chance to stay busy doing what I enjoy doing and get paid. As oppose to doing things you dread. Which, sad to say, many people around me are in that situation.

That is usually one of the reason why you are not able to excel in the things you do.  Think about all those things which you were able to do really well in, they are often things you enjoy doing.

During my younger days, I love skateboarding despite all the challenges and level of difficulty in perfecting the tricks or stuns or moves (whichever you call it). And I can skate fairly well because I love this extreme sport. I can talk, sleep, eat skateboard every minute of my life. To me, spending time training and practicing my moves is like playing and enjoying myself. If you dislike the sport, you will dread the training or practice sessions. And it will not surprise me that you won’t be good at it without those needed practice sessions.

I love Advertising. The creativity, the strategic thinking and challenges involved into making effective advertising, to mould impression and impact behaviourial change never fail to excite me. Again, I can eat, breath, sleep, drink Advertising everyday. To me, reading anything on Advertising from books to news to articles is pleasurable. (You will literally see me with an advertising book during I’m travelling, in the toilet, anytime, anywhere). Getting involved in solving business issues and problems zest me up. The thought of going to school for Advertising lessons and projects, on the same token, heading to office to work on the advertisements motivates me, to the point I actually dislike days where my office is closed.

Where did I get all these energy? It comes from the passion and interest. The more passionate and interested you are, the more energy you will have . With more energy, you will do more, and as you do more, I can only say, you will just get better at it.

To do well in anything, you need to spend time and effort. These takes energy and devotion to make it happen.

So before you venture into anything, getting yourself a new job, venture into new career, start a new business, pick up a new hobby, ask yourself:  Are you passionate and interested enough to spend hours, weeks, months even years doing this? Will you think all this efforts are going to be worth it?

If your answer if YES. JUST DO IT.