Join the C game if you want to LOSE

When the Communications stops, the Cold war starts.

When the Cold war starts, the Conflicts kick in.

When the Conflicts starts, the Clashes begin.

When the Clashes begins, Causality sets in.

Why play the C game when no one is going to benefit from any of the outcome.

Everyone will get hurt, angry, frustrated, stress, depressed during the C games. It all started from NOT wanting to TALK about it.

You disliked a decision that was being passed by your colleagues or superior. You decided not to sound it out even when you are deeper affected by that decision. You decided not to discuss about how you feel and yet you are not able to let it go. This in turn develops a mini hatred or feud in you. One day, when the hatred snowballed into a gigantic force, any little things can become a potential fire starter between your colleagues or supervisor and you. Fights turn aggressive and ugly even for the smallest issues. Both parties wasted hours and energy to trash the grievances out to your last breathe.

No winners as no one are willing to give in. This unpleasant and negative feeling is going to stay with you for a very long time. Both will suffer timelessly until one of you is willing to let go. Which means you will be affected physically (as it is not going to be good for your health) and mentally or psychologically (you will be affected emotionally in negative ways). It can affect your mood, your performance at work, your relationship with others, and the negative chains of reaction is unbelievably wide.

However, if you speak your piece, get to a workable compromise, resolve the issue once and for all, your heart felt so much lighter, it seems like a dark cloud been blew away from around you, you feel refreshed, reborned, and revitalized. Your happy mood makes you more productive and effective. Makes you look better as a person, a colleague and potential manager as you look like a person who can get along with others easily and able to resolve conflicts.

Communications is such an important ingredient for achieving success at all level, from business life to your love life.

Stop the C game.

Start communicating. Everyone can win. If you don’t know how to communciate, it’s high time you learn.