Dispute when doing school projects

i believe this is something many people have been facing from time to time. having group dispute is really common. And some times, a real pain in the neck.

Here’s my advice to those who are facing this issue.
1) Only group with those whom you like. not those whom you dislike.
2) Once you have form your group, having your ground rules, roles and responsibilities laid out. So that there’s no necessary disputes.
3) Bite the bullet and see your project to its finished state.

You only lived once, there’s no need to kill yourself over school projects and shorten your life for this. I am not suggesting for you to take it less seriously. What i mean is for you guys to understand that this is just a school project. There’s no need to kill one another and argue till the cow comes home. It is actually your opportunity to create ideas and plans that in the real world, it would be impossible to develop due to the number of red tapes that you will have to conquer in order to implement your ideas.

Lastly, do you know in the real working society, if you dislike working with your team, there’s no chance for you to change project mates, or do it yourself, or call your bosses and expect them to step in and promote esprit de corps for you. Your bosses will expect you to be a team player, and able to manage the people and produce results. That’s a constant challenge in the working society because you be managing people 80% – 90% of your time.

Thus, you should use this school projects as an opportunity to horn your people managing skills. Remember there’s no absolute right and wrong. Different people will have different ideas and opinions. In actual fact, all of it might work. just that it works differently. There’s strength in every team members. The challenge of a good leader is to draw the best of everyone and integrate them into a POWERFUL FORCE.

if you can do that, i am sure you have learn something so valuable that you will be able to leverage on it for the rest of your life. In actual fact, your career development and life depends on it.

Remember, do not dwell on the final output of your projects or work too much. Instead, focus on the process. If the process is enjoyable and pleasant, usually, the output would be just as pleasant and delightful one. Thus, focus on how to ensure everyone works well and blend well with one another, the out put would take care of itself.