dream with your eyes wide open

If only I make $20k a month…

If only I am the CEO of APPLE…

If only I own a Ferrari…

The dream list goes on and on and on.

Some managed to live their dreams. Some could only live in their dreams. Why?

Those who turn dreams into reality, it is not about the ‘hoping’. It is about the ‘doing’. The moment you start the ‘doing’ is when u r ready to live yr dream. If not, you can only live the hopes in your dreams.

Think about it. Those who got their dream job, they didn’t just wait for their dream company to call them up some how, and ended up with their dream job, enjoying their dream wage package.  

Instead, they got their dream job by fighting to meet those key personnel (whoever they might be, CEO, Directors, Chairman, etc…), and convincing them that you are the best person they can ever find on this planet.

No one will give you what you want. You have to earn what you want.

To live your dream, dream with your eyes wide open. If not, you are just sleeping.