DSM 63th MCQ outcome

Have never encounter such good scores before for MCQ. Were i being too nice. Is my paper really that easy as what MIS claims my paper to be, getting easier for MCQ. I notice those students who attend class just for attendance, or chit chat sessions, and even students who often miss or skip lessons, or those i seldom meet before in class did pretty well too.

but it could also be a case where this batch is really hardworking and smart. I prefer to think of them that way to be honest. It is better than having so many failures in class. I hope my 63 DSM batch will keep up the scores for final exam as well. For exam, it is very much application base. Alot of application or applied theory base answers are expected. Hope my 63 batch will be up for it and show others that the 63 catch is ready to take on Degree anytime after they graduate.

My hope is for all my DSM students to learn the ropes of Integrated Marketing Communications. If you understand that well, you can become different class of asset to your employers, or even to your own business.

Coming up next, your group project and final exam. I actually wanted to go through the pdf document i have send to you all via email on our last lesson. But there’s quite a bit i need to cover for lesson. And many of you seemed real tired and restless already in class. I guess we just have to do it during the next lesson If time allows. But i do hope you guys are able to prepare the project more efficiently and effectively with the dpf document guide.