DSM 64 final lesson

It was another great closing ceremony. Everyone of the final lesson ends with a heavy heart. Not surprisingly, this one feels the same way too. i missed DSM64 already. Best class ever. Erm, i am going to say the same ting to DSM 65 šŸ™‚ And had said the same thing to DSM 63. But honestly, i had alot of fun with all the DSMs students. You guys have really been a great bunch. Thank you so much for the good learning attitude. It makes me want to come to lesson every single time despite the crazy schedule. Makes of my effort felt all worth while šŸ™‚

This time round, i did not do the usual. I often will give a short grand father story with the students on the final class. however, this time round, due to time limitation, we din do that. I guess this current batch need no further boost of motivational talk from me la. haha. But i hope some day, they will get to hear my grand father session.

I’ve uploaded all the pics that i have on facebook. enjoy the happy hour session on pictorial forms. cheers

All the best DSM 64, and stay in touch.