DSM69th finale

It has been with great pleasure having this batch of students for DSM 69th Marketing Communications class. Most of them turn up earlier than expected, and i have been experiencing good attendance from this batch of students. I have had great fun throughout all the Monday classes, driving all my Mon blues away with this batch.

I have to say, the last lesson have been intensive, but fun. I’ve been sweating like a pig in an air-conditioned class room from all the excitiment while conducting the class. I hope it have been all worth while.

It was quite a pity as i would like to share some tips on career development with this class. Unfortunately, the evil of time has prevented us from having a quality session. But i suppose most of the students are not entirely keen on that session anyway, as they are probably too tired after the intensive revision class we had last night. it can be evident from all the students ‘sneaking’ away during the last 30 mins of the class. Which was unfortunate and sad as i would love to have a class photo with everyone of them. However, i still had my share of fun with the rest of those who stayed behind (refer to photos below).

For the benefit of those who had missed the last 30 mins of the session, here was what we have discussed:

1) How to build your resume

if you were to follow the advertising theory, a good and effective resume should:

– Capture attention (without it, your resume will not even be read)

HOW: Ensure your resume is done in an interesting and easy to read manner. ie: use unconventional resume format or structure.

– Captivating enough to make your potential employers want to meet you

HOW: it’s all about your content. Focus on how you can VALUE ADD, with examples of your pass achievements to back your credentials up. You may skip all those roles and descriptions that you have done previously. Listing down how you are able to do filing, done sales calls, coordinate projects for your bosses, etc etc is not going to impress much.

For more infor / tips on resume writing, visit http://strongerhead.com/how-to-sell-yourself-as-fresh-grads-resume-writing-tips/

2) To answer Teh’s question (a students from DSm 69)

Be it you are in your early to mid 20s or 30s or 40s, it is never too late to have a career switch from Admin to IT, or Sales to Marketing, Engineering to Teaching, Teaching to Property sales, and so on and so forth. The key to your decision is to know where your interest lies.

Remember, career advancement is not base on the number of years you have been in your industry. It is about how good you are at what you are doing that count. And usually, those who have a passion in what they are doing would usually do better than those who are not.

And the thing is this, go around asking most of the people who are working in any corporation, i can bet you not that majority of them are unhappy with their present job. They wish to switch but were not unwilling or do not have the courage to do so. As a result, they are not doing what they enjoy, and taking their job as a JOB. Once you are stucked in this mindset, you will find it very difficult to excel in what you are doing.

Why is this so? Because to excel, you need to devote alot of time and effort, and have a geninue interest to become good at what you do. Look at Beckham, Tiger Woods, Ronaldo, Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, and any of those who are considered the champions of their field. They turn champions with the amount of time and effort spend to be good at what they do.

Imagine yourself having to excel at Salsa when you are nt interested in Salsa dancing. And you have to drag yourself for hours of training and practice. Will you be able to do that?

One of the most challenging task for me is to go against my own DNA, do what i dislike doing. Nevertheless, many of you are battling with your own DNA at work most of your life.

In short, it is never too late to jump ship and get a career switch. So long you are going to be doing what you enjoy, you will get to experience Mon blue ever again.

Moreover, you will be competing with many of those who hates their job. I believe you will find it easier to devote yourself into a role you enjoy doing which makes you a more effective competitor than those who dislikes their role but have to compete with you.

3) Work in SME or MNC

If you wish to climb the corporate ladder, MNC would be your calling.

If you wish to make more money, both MNC and SME could give you that. But usually, you have a better chance of making more money with the major MNCs than SME. SME, it depends on the role you will be taking on, and the kind of commission or profit you will be given for your contributions.

As for me, i would prefer to join the MNCs because it offers better opportunities for career advancement, and having worked for major MNCs makes my resume looks good.

However, i would join SME if it offers me a door into an industry that i wish to venture into. Especially for those who are just about to start your career.

For instance, if you are a graduate, and wish to venture into Advertising. Unfortunately, no MNCs are willing to take you on, except for one SME. i would urge for your to join them as it is better to get your foot into the door first than to be knocking on doors.

My last advice to DSM 69th folks. Do not stop at your Diploma level. Go on to complete your degree. You will not regret this decision.

All the best to your new venture.

Cheers to infinity and beyond.