Humbling note from student after my ‘preparing your interview like dating’ session

This is one note that will be engraved deep into my heart to keep me going as a career coach.

It inspires me to inspire others. I can’t thank her enough for the humbling testimonial. It meant so much to me.

Freiheit Stern · Singapore, Singapore
This was a very informative session on “how to prepare for a job interview”. But that’s not all, it went beyond being informative to being an unorthadox way of imparting knowledge that not only made it fun for everyone but also helped everyone to really see the importance of each of the tips that was shared.

To be honest, before the session started, I was thinking to myself: this is just going to be another one of those boring “how to prepare for a job interview” talks. Although I already knew Mr. Jason Tan has a talent for entertaining his students in class, I was skeptical that he could make this topic anymore interesting. Well, tips to prepare for a job interview, they are always the same few aren’t they? Apparently, not!

Quite a few of the tips shared during this session were tips that I never did read/ heard before, which I believe would set you apart from all the other inverviewees out there fighting for the same job if you practise them. In the past, I had atteneded professional career counselling workshops at a prestigeous university overseas and I thought those workshops were really good. They were very professional, very comprehensive and came with printed handouts for attendees to take home. But, they did not share with attendees tips that would not just help them perform well for job interviews but help them outshine the other applicants and ACE interviews. This session with Mr. Jason Tan did that. And I didn’t feel like I was about to fall asleep.

I’m very glad to have encountered Mr. Jason Tan. The selfish part of me wish that he wouldn’t share his brilliance with even more people. Luckily Mr. Jason Tan isn’t as selfish as I am (he’s never stingy with sharing with his students knowledge and personal experience that would help them excel) or else I wouldn’t have learnt so much! Not trying to wax lyrical about Mr. Jason Tan here, I’m a huge believer in given people credit for the good things they have done and Mr. Jason Tan definitely deserves this stellar testimonial.

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