Heineken Italy Activation

As a brand, Heineken is definitely one of those brands with a reputation of producing great brand equity building campaigns / marketing efforts.

In terms of its brand equity, some claims that it is all about being an international imported premium beer, with a modern and fun persona. These brand properties have been a catalyst for delivering the best beer experiences to its drinkers, making the beer desirable , making others willing to pay more for a perfect pint of Heineken.

Heineken has been very consistent in communicating the message of delivering the best beer experience via the Heineken Walk-In Fridge campaign, Man got Talent campaign, and many more.

I would like to highlight a particular campaign which impresses me a lot. It was a campaign by JWT Italy, where is was build to once again, deliver the best beer experiences to its drinkers again in an experiential way via the Italy Activation campaign, which also reinforce its brand properties such as its international premium status, and amplify its fun persona. Which explains the campaign line, “made to entertain”.  These presale forms of objectives have definitely help to build up its brand equity, reinforce buying decision for the beer and develop brand preference.

Of coz, that was not done without execution brilliance from the Italy Activation campaign. Without it, the message won’t be brought to life in an experiential manner. From News to Web, and all other press releases, the campaign key message made it to the headlines.

Many brands have only been able to push its key brand message to the audience in a one dimensional approach. But many failed to allow their audience experience what the brand are preaching. Especially when it comes to a brand with promises like delivering best beer experience, fun, which are all emotional based type of promises / brand benefits. It can get very abstract, and difficult to demonstrate these qualities to convince your audience and make them get what you stands for. But this is a classic case study which truly made to entertain, allowing its drinkers to experience the brand promises, building closer affinity and relationship with them.