yip yip hooray to my 65th folks

my wkend been all busy with non-stop marking. but it has been quite delightful reading the kind of quality outputs from the 65th folks. You can almost tell everyone has put in some effort for this paper from their answers. They did studied and i also have to say, most of them pay attention during class. For me, that’s good to know. At least not everyone is playing with their i-phone or something during class 😀 Good students la.

before moderation, seems like no sub paper will be required. almost half scored above 70.

You guys are well verse with the theorical frameworks and concepts. My only feedback is the ability to demonstrate these qualities in an applied manner. Nevertheless, i’m still proud of you guys. As i know, many of you out there are considered newbie to marketing. I’m sure u guys will just get better at marketing with time.

3 x CHEERS to 65th. Will miss u all. And do stay in touch.