How to get into Advertising, the strongerhead way

I have always asked myself this question several times over before 30, when i first started my career in advertising. After 30, when i think back about this question, i realize my answers have evolved from the past. And i believe this is a question that many of the freshies would like to know as much as i do when i wanted to jump into this industry. As i had mentioned previously on my blog that i am planning to write a mini book on it. I promise i will crystallize it soon. here’s what i can do for you all now.

To give you a flavour, here’s a snap shot on Strongerhead ways to venture into Advertising for newbies:

1)        Plan your career goals / objectives

No one plan to fail. But often fail to plan. If you skip this step, you be heading aimlessly without a goal. You can’t measure your progress, and might end up being nowhere.  Have a goal. It keeps you motivated, and set your career direction in perspective.

2)       Prepare a CV – do not wait till the last min.

Often, you might miss out on the hiring window by the time your CV is ready. And many have the tendency to do a half standard job on your CV compromising your chances of being shortlisted for the hiring opportunity.

3)       Network.  Network. Network.

Leverage on social network sites, get help and referrals from your friends, visit events, go to places where the industry folks hang out. For those who took my IMC lesson, use IMC to promote yourself 360 degree, and get leads into this industry.

4)       Work for free

This is the toughest of all. Work for free. Or be willing to work for free. Don’t look at the money first. When you are good at what you do, the money will come. Your psychology can never accept this. That’s why it takes extraordinary mind-power to be at the top. Be willing to get to your destination regardless of what it takes.