How to get what you want?

The art of getting what you want is simply ASK. ASK and you open the possibilities of getting it.

Sounds easy? I bet you heard of this a million times. But I am not sure how many of you been practicing this ‘art’. And why not?

Take a look at the achievers (people who have gotten what they want) and the underachievers (people who have not gotten what they want). Study them and you will soon realize they have almost equal capability. But what differentiates them is the achievers have the guts to ask for what they want.

Go to those who had gotten an overseas posting from their job. Most of them didn’t get the overseas posting without first requesting for it.

Those who gotten a FAT pay raise, I mean higher than average pay increment, they must have first ask for it. I am sure their bosses would be happy paying lesser for them instead of paying a lot more.

Go to those who have joined their dream corporations, dream companies. Most of them didn’t get to be part of their dream companies without first approaching the relevant personnel and ask for the possibilities to be a member of their dream company.

Somehow, we have developed a habit of not asking for things we want. Maybe it is because of our upbringing. When you ask for something when you are young, your parents will say NO. We have somehow, I really don’t know how, but somehow, we have been conditioned to believe that if we work hard, our bosses will reward us without us having to ask for it. If we are a true talent, your dream companies will come calling you, knocking on your doors to headhunt you.

Many might also have the mindset that if you ask, you are being demanding, difficult, and greedy. Thus, you might get into the bad books of your bosses. This stops you even more from asking.

But think about it. If you do not ask, your bosses wouldn’t know. And if they do not know, the chances of your bosses giving what you want would be close to zero.

I know. Some might said otherwise. “i’ve already ASK and ASK, and I am still not getting what I want!”

Who you ask (only to people who matters), and how you ask (your soft skills) would impact your outcome too. And if you have already ask the right person with the right approach but not getting results, go to someone else till you get the results you want.

Just an analogy to illustrate my point, my 6 years old nephew. I remember he wished to watch “walking with the dinosaurs” when it was here in Singapore. He asked his mum, but his mum was too busy at that time. His grandma wouldn’t bring him to watch “walking with the dinosaurs” ask she is not interested in such exhibition and thinks that it is a waste of money.

So he came to me. He said, “I wish I can watch walking with the dinosaurs. I really love dinosaurs. But I know I can only wish. Uncle, if you can, and if you are free, and if it is not troublesome, could you please bring me to the exhibition?” My initial response was no. I’m having lessons on those evenings and I am not a fan of dinosaurs.

One night, when I got back from my night class, as I opened the door to my bedroom, I saw a white colour handmade envelop on the floor. It says, to my uncle. As I opened the envelop, I saw a drawing of dinosaurs. I guess you guys already knew the outcome. I cancelled my class, and brought him to the exhibition.

my nephew's way of asking "can i watch walking with the dinosaurs please?"

It is dead simple. Ask and you have a chance of getting what you want. Not asking, you would have deprived yourself that chance of getting what you want. Never give up asking too.