Importance of the Degree Certificate

This is an important piece of sharing by one of my ex-student (from Marketing Institute Singapore Diploma of Sales 3rd intake).


I’ve always preached the importance of having at least a degree certificate to anyone who wish to climb the corporate ladder. Any degree is fine, so long it is from a proper institution. having a degree (be it Honours Degree, Bachelor Degree in Arts, Science, Commerce, etc – something relevant to your industry background would be a plus point).

I’ve been in the industry long enough to hear how many people have been a victim of being denied their promotion for the fact that they do not have a degree. I very often wished i am wrong most of the time on this matter (of course there are outlier cases where people without degree, not even O’levels and yet progress well in their career). Just minutes ago, i got a message from an ex-student of mine on Facebook.

Importance of degree

Here’s what she said:

“Jason is the best lecturer in MIS that I have ever encountered. A lot people might think why did I say that?. He is the kind of lecturer where he digested his teaching during the lessons with you and utilized activities during lecture to ensure that you understand what he say/coach. I ever heard him say once in order to climb up the corporate ladder in minimum a Degree is a MUST. I always think that Diploma with working experience should be enough at least minimum to get me through the manager position. i was surprised when my director tell me that I was not able to become a manager unless I hold a Degree in any industry plus my working experience, it should be enough….. I am now struggling to step back into the degree level in order to climb up to the next level. I really convinced by Jason words now….. Must go for degree if possible..”

PS: To protect the identify of the student, i’ve decided to not reveal her name and company she is looking for.

Please go and get a degree for yourself. Don’t let this happen to you.

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