Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Ad340 July 2012 class photo

I saw some new faces here, like Ng Li Ying, Regan, Nur, Ivan, Wirawan, and Lynn Soh. Everyone of them are talented students with a display of potential to the marketing industry. This class is filled with super heroes:

Regan: Can make one eye look left and the other look down at the same time
Ng Li Ying: Can draft an OIIC in 1 min
Nur: Look better than Doraemon with her apron on
Lynn Soh: Analyse numbers like Warren Buffett
Wirawan: Designer of the future
Ivan Kong: Villain look of the year
And the list goes on and on…

I had many students who felt that they are experiencing madness and craziness throughout most of the 12 sessions. A lot of work to be accomplished, but a lot of laughter and most of all, the lessons were insightful. Thank you so much for the support. Without your active participation and attention, the level of positive ‘madness’ would not have been achievable.

Tribute to one of the BEST Ad340 class I ever had. I wish to place you guys on my Strongerhead’s student hall of fame:
Bella; Stacey Cheok; Jo; Jia Er; Fui Lin; Cindy; Jingying; Sui Hua; Chulin; Jonathan Koh; Ivan Kong; Alice Tamara; Vineeta; Rachel; Nadhirah; Ng Li Ying; Shawn Ong; Phyu Phyu Kyi; Nurual Shahida; Regan Kah; Lynn Soh; Wirawan; Wei Lun; Vanessa Yu; Tran Minh; Yee Wen; Yann Yuan; Wan Ling; Chatharin Yap; Yi zheng Joey