Jason Tan Strongerhead Curtin Media Planning 250 Nov 2012 class

This is my second time taking on Media Planning 250. I actually dislike any modules that are related to maths. But I quite enjoy taking on this module. It is not exactly rocket science. I believe all my students who have taken this module would not disagree the fact that it helps to put some logic behind out marketing plan and choice of media with this knowledge. And all those who wish to be involved in Marketing Communications, Media Planning is definitely something that would value add to your role as a better marketer.

The students from this class did pretty well for the module. The average score for their mid term were above 40 out of 50. And I had gotten some best practice and insights into how I can better improve this module. Hopefully, we are going to make the next batch of Media Planning class rocks harder.

And all these would not have been possible with the enthusiasm and zestiest effort of the students. I would like to thank you all for the right studying attitude that has made this class a memorable one.

Bella; Jia Er; Jie-E; Cindy; JingYing; Joan; Sui Hua; Chulin; Theresia; Grace Ke; Jeanne and Glenda (whom I am going to missed. Have fun at Bentley); Iggy; Jogina; Nadhirah; Gellien; Anand; Phyu Phyu; Juwita (our Curtin model); Ye Yoon (Our Korean Star); Wirawan; Wei Lun; Louis; Yee Wen; Yunn Yuan; Chatharin; Wan Ling and Darryl.