Jason Tan Strongerhead MIS GDM103 66th (Part Time) class photo

This is my first part time GDM weekend class. I met wonderful people from all walks of life here. From managers to executives, entrepreneurs to casino croupier. From their participation, one can easily tell we have a very articulate and driven gang here. Like Gayatri, Britta, Rachel, Michael, Foo Ching Yuan, Julian Chow, Gliran, and many others. You guys came and gave me your full attention for all the intensive weekend lessons. Which is why it gave me great pleasure to know everyone of you had competed the module in style.

Congrats to Christa Chen Ling Jia. I am very sure you be a great mum. And Singapore will thank you for supporting their build a family campaign šŸ™‚

I wish to tour Japan like Rachel Isabel some day. happy holidays Rachel.

I heard Joann Chia is getting married soon šŸ™‚ I wish you happily ever after.

Ok, it seemed like i am stalking you guys even after we have ended our course. I just wanna say don’t be a stranger alright. Stay in touch.

Big thank you and nice to know each and everyone of you:
Julian Chow; Michael Foo; Hoo TingTing; Gayatri Oliver; Hui Ying; Li Zhu; Gliran; Britta; Joo Ying; Hong Sheng; Chin Heng; Rachel Isabel; Zhenni; Chee Wee; Khor Khee; Ei Ei Khine; Hui Ying; Ling Jia; Joann Chia; Terence Wong; Xiaomin