know your priorities

i remember attending Dr Elder’s seminar. And i happened to meet my friend who happened to have registered for the same seminar. We chat alot during the breaks. From our conversations, i learned that he is going for the other seminar conducted by Dr Elder two days later. He will be teaching how he trade stocks and shares live. it is a great eye opener coz i have read his books. and i admire his trading methodology and its simplicity. Nevertheless, i couldn’t take leave to go for the seminar. The work load and the economic situation maing it unwise to take leave at that time. At that time, my friend said something that strucked my mind. he said if that is the case, the more i should take leave and attend the seminar. And learn a skill that can free me from all those pressures.

He had a friend who had always stay loyal, and kind of willing to die for his work kind. Nevertheless, despite several years of working for that company, he got retrenched. He was so lost as he has no other skill set to help him generate income. He can only depend on his existing skills that requires him to have a job. And no job opening had troubled him for quite some time.

Of coz, you can argue the problem is solve if you have SAVINGS. Use your savings to ‘hold the forte’. And after a while, you get a job again.

I’m not going to do just that. The difference between a rich guy and a poor guy is, the rich often use money to make more money. The poor often save money and then lose it later. The trick is to make sure you make enough capital to help you make your money work for you. And not work for money. That way, you probably might not need to face a day without money.