Perfection can be a SIN

 “Wah Lao Eh!!! One minute, boss say wants this, next minute, boss say don’t one this already. Restrategise again”

 Sounds familiar?

You came up with Plan A, your boss wants Plan B. You did Plan B, and your boss requires Plan C. In the end, you wasted weeks and months coming up with powerpoint slides from plan A to plan Z. But nothing gets executed. This is an example of thinking too much.

I agree with the need to strategise and have a plan, before execution takes plan. But execution is one very important element to achieving success. Imagine yourself needing to find your way out of a jungle. You can keep walking and find your way out at the same time. Or strategise your best exit route out of the jungle.

The person who starts walking and exploring for the best way out of the jungle would enjoy high chance of success than the person who sits down spending hours strategizing the perfect awarding winning noble prize exit plan out of the jungle without actually doing it.

I’m not saying execution is all your need to achieve success. Execution with a plan at hand increases your chances of success. But at the end of the day, you must take action to get things done, to see things happen. Without seeing things happen, there’s no real progression.

Progress forward, and make your change along the way is better than finding the perfect plan. Coz there’s no perfect plan. That’s why optimization exist. We plan, we do, we learn, we improve our plans, do it better, and learn, and the cycle continues.

Striving for perfection versus being a perfectionist is a thin fine line. We should use perfection as a yardstick to find ways to improve ourselves and be better at the things we are doing. And not let it delay our progress, and making perfection a liability to success.