psychology to avoid in career

Hey folks, I’ve listed down some quotes which might suggest some possible psychology while working. Not sure if it sounds familiar to you. But if you are experiencing this yourself, I hope you will do something to avoid such mindset. It can be a disaster for your career development.

“I dun like what I am doing. But I cannot afford to quit”
You have been “abused” at work. Overworked seemed to be a norm for you. You know very clearly that you are unhappy. But you are afraid to quit. Because you think that you cannot find another job outside.

I have personally experience this myself many times over. All I can say is when you know you are in SHIT HOLE, and if you choose not to get out of it, your life will likely to be the same until miracle happens. As for me, I prefer not to wait for miracle to happen. But to make miracles happen for myself. At least, take a baby step, and step out of the shit hole first. Because being in one can be very damaging to your future psychology to your career development and work attitude. Fear is no good when it eats a big part of you.

“This company is hopeless. No matter what I do, it is not going to change for the better”
Changes start in the mind, and action makes changes happen. So start taking action. Baby steps to make changes happen. And you will feel different when you had impact a change be it big or small. Think big and starts small.

“I’m very very tired. HOW?”
If you are feeling very very tired. You are probably having some issue(s) that’s draining your energy till u r feeling very tired. As for me, I’m doing 4 jobs at one go, and taking my MBA at the same time. I felt really tired. But I will only feel tired when I am doing things I dislike. When u r feeling drained out and exhausted, take a step back. Are u doing something you dislike or do not enjoy doing. If you are, avoid such duties in the future. And dwell all your energy into something you enjoy more. You will feel less tired and easily energized than doing something you do not enjoy.

“Don’t think so much. Happy go lucky”
This is actually a good sign, which means you are having positive mindset as opposed to the 1st 3. However, it can backfire too when being too positively naïve. You must know your danger zones and take steps to avoid it. If not, it can be like a smiling solider crossing into the enemy line waiting to be killed.

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