Secrets to getting better salary

say NO to peanut pay or enjoy the peanuts

You are not a monkey. But you are getting paid peanuts.

Do you know you actually do have a say in your pay?

But to have a SAY, you need to do certain things to get that RIGHTS.

1) Your educational level

The relationship between education and money is simple. The higher your educational level, the more money you can make. Not fair but that’s how life is. Employers are funny bunch of people who prefers to reserve the larger pool of money for the higher educated, knowledgeable and skilled personnel. But of coz, they will first take the bigger slice of the pie for themselves leaving with you the crumbs. So even if you are going to settle for crumbs, get the bigger share of the crumbs by getting yourself a degree be on the ‘fairer’ side of life.

2) Your attitude

Dazzling degree can only take you this far, but your attitude keep the doors open for you. To the extend, the right attitude can take you higher and further than your degree.

3) Your network

No one can know it all nor do it all. Be a team player, and you can leverage on others to get work done in more efficient and effective manner, avoid long hours, and making yourself more likeable. Once you are well liked by all, you will definitely be in a good position for advancement. In short, the more people you know, the better your prospect will be.

The power to getting paid more is in your own hands. Isn’t it a great feeling?

However, sad to say that many are a victim of themselves by unknowingly choosing to be paid peanuts because they didn’t know what they can do to improve their income level. Or worst, they knew but had chosen not to do anything about it with their “see first. See how” mentality.

But you definitely deserve to be paid more. So why settle for less? So do yourself a favour. Earn your rights to better salary now.

Don’t be lazy. Work on those three factors or be contented with getting peanuts.